Part 23

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Lily's pov

I stood in front of my mirror, debating whether I looked good enough or not. My hair was down, and I was wearing a slim black dress. (Imagine the dress however you want rlly but this is  her hair)

I had a light amount of makeup on and a silver necklace my dad bought me

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I had a light amount of makeup on and a silver necklace my dad bought me. I heard my door creak open and I turned my head to look.
"Wow." Archie said, a gobsmacked look on his little face. "You look like a princess."
I smiled at him as he plodded into my room, jumping up to sit on my bed.
"Thanks arch, do you think Olivia will like it?" I asked, sitting down next him.
"Is Olivia coming?!" He asked with excitement, he'd been asking about when he'd see her again since he met her.
"Yeah but we aren't staying, you can see her though."
He smiled widely and hugged my side, "she will really like it." He said, before running out of my room.
I stood up and took one last look in the mirror before my phone buzzed.
I'll be there in 5 minutes x
I smiled at my phone and went downstairs.
"You're looking fancy, got a date?" My dad asked, as I stepped into the kitchen.
"Yes." I replied, sitting down, catching the interest of my mum.
"Do tell." My mum said turning around to fully face me now.
I blushed, and looked down. My parents already knew I was bisexual, but This was the first time I'd actually had a proper date with a girl.
"You know the girl that was here last week?" I asked, earning a smug smile from my parents.
"Yeah, her." I said, blushing even harder now.
"We knew there was something going on with you two." My mum said, turning back round to her cooking.
I rolled my eyes, but smiled nevertheless as the door knocked.
"I'll get it." I heard Archie shout as he ran down the hall. My parents and I looked at each other with shocked faces and burst out laughing.
The bottom of My dads suit jacket being dragged along the floor as Archie ran, and his hair combed to the side.
I stood up, following him to the door still laughing.
He reached as high as he could to open the door and pulled it back.
"Hey little man." Olivia greeted him, a smile on her face. "You're looking handsome today."
I turned round to face my parents who were watching with a soft smile at Archie's interaction with Olivia. My dad gave me a subtle, approving nod. Which, although I'd never show it, means a lot that he already likes her.
"You look very pretty." Archie said confidently standing on his tiptoes to hug Olivia. She crouched down and hugged him, and I could see the bright pink blush on his cheeks. She smiled up at me from the hug, and then pulled away, "bye Olivia." Archie shouted as he ran away giggling.
I smiled as I watched him go, before turning back to Olivia and stepping closer.
"Hey." She said, pulling me into a hug "you look really beautiful" she whispered in my ear.
At this point, I was nearly blushing as much as Archie was.
"Hi mr and mrs evans" Olivia said, smiling politely at my parents.
I can't remember if I ever gave lily a last name so if I have I'm sorry for the change and if I haven't then here😭
"Hi olivia." My dad said, "bring her back by 12?" He said, smiling kindly at her.
"Of course sir"

As we walked down my drive, I spoke "my curfew for dates is usually ten. I knew he liked you but not that much!" I laughed, as a shocked look formed on her face.
"Damn, two whole hours longer. I must be a real charmer."
I rolled my eyes, and shook my head laughing, knowing that statement was actually true.
She opened the passenger side door for me, and I got in.
"I had to borrow my mums car for this." She said as she got in, starting the engine.
We drove in a comfortable silence until curiosity got the better of me.
"Where are we actually going?" I asked, looking at her. Her blue eyes were bright and a soft smile stayed on her face.
"I'm taking you for dinner, and then I'm taking you somewhere else. But that's a secret." She said, glancing at me briefly before putting her eyes back on the road. I nodded and looked out the window, wondering what she could be planning. I felt her hand rest on my knee and I suddenly became hot.
Her hand stayed on my knee and no further for the whole car ride. The fact that she didn't go straight for my thigh like every boy I'd ever been with had done, made me feel like she was here for more than just sex, and that felt nice for once.

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