Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Baekhyun couldn’t get any luckier. The rain is pouring so hard after the scorching heat of the sun that afternoon. He was so confident that it won’t rain today so he decided to leave his umbrella behind but it seems like it’s a bad idea. He’s stranded in front of the library and he’s too shy to share an umbrella with the students passing by.

He decided to call Kyungsoo, Luhan or Jongdae but he realized he has no phone since forever. His mother always insisted to buy for him but he always refused having the reason he won’t use it anyway. And he’s pretty sure that only his Mom’s number will be save in the contacts. And even he has his phone, he'll be too shy to call his new friends that went home without him because he needs to stay at the library to check some books for his homework.

“I’ll just go back and wait for it to stop.” he said to himself.

He walked back to the library and chose to read some books. After a couple of flipping the pages, he stopped and sighed.

“Will you please stop staring at me?” Baekhyun glared at the giant sitting two tables away from him.

At first he didn’t notice Chanyeol but after a few minutes, he felt like there’s someone staring at him and he’s not wrong about that. He didn’t want to assume that he’s the one who’s been staring at but he can feel it. Baekhyun wants to believe that Chanyeol is coincidentally here because everyone can go to the library but he saw Chanyeol holding the book upside-down, pretending to read.

Chanyeol put down the book he was holding. His brows are furrowed as if he’s confused about something.

“I’m not staring at you. I’m here to study.”

Baekhyun crossed his arms and shot his eyebrow up. “Oh, yeah? Studying while holding a book upside-down, that’s new.” He chose not to add words to complete his sassy remarks because he doesn’t want to make this conversation longer.

He continued to read, completely ignoring the presence of Chanyeol who’s starting to get sulky.

Chanyeol pulled the chair in front of Baekhyun with a force that it screeches, making an echo. He looked around nervous because the librarian might scold at him but no one came. He sat and stared at Baekhyun with a puppy like pout in his lips. He looked like a wounded puppy with his big glinting eyes and pouty lips.

Baekhyun let out an exasperated sigh. “What do you want?” he snapped.

Chanyeol smiled. “You.”

His eyes widen and he can feel the heat in his cheeks. He immediately looked away. The way Chanyeol says ‘You’ kept ringing in his head. Chanyeol’s deep and husky voice has a big effect on him. It’s like it’s not just passing through his ears but also to his entire system.

“Stop playing games, Park Chanyeol. Leave me alone. Get a life. And don’t ever let me see your face again.”

Chanyeol grasped a handful of his shirt in his chest and acted like he’s hurt. “Ouch, so harsh!” he exclaimed. “Why do you hate me so much? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Yeah, except you’re being too arrogant.” Baekhyun said, sarcasm is overflowing with each and every word he said.

“Woah, wait, I’m not!” he denied. “How can you say that without basis?”

“I have,” Baekhyun said, with his forehead held high. “First, you’re always calling me midget to be you and your friends’ laughing stock. Second, you always laugh so loud to gather everyone’s attention. Third, you act like some kind of a celebrity here in school. I hate it.” He pursed his lips after his spiel.

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