Ch. 6: "Beating Hearts"

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*Recently: "We must go to the Jade Castle, your highness." Angelina said. As she spoke, the air around began to vibrate and ripple, until several winged horses appeared from the thin air. We gasped yet again, and Angelina just chuckled. "Let's get going, shall we?"

Ch. 6: "Beating Hearts"
Lucy's POV

We were all literally jumping up and down with excitement. Diana, the devil leader, just glared at us and turned her back on us. She snapped her fingers and the earth split in front of her, a skeletal Pegasus flying straight through the ravine, landing in front of Diana. I looked from the majestic and pure white pegasi on my right to the bony yet strangely beautiful pagesus on my left. I learned 3 things during this time; one, pegasi is probably the common transportation here, two, there are different kinds of pegasi, and three, apparently this 'Diana' girl has an attitude that needs to be dealt with soon. I silently noted that in my mind, then turned to Angelina for instructions. She quickly explained how to get on and off a Pegasus, basic steering and how to take off and land. After around 30 minutes, we were all finally ready to go, each on our own Pegasus, with Carla and Lily on Wendy's and Gajeel's Pegasus. We take off, completely oblivious to what's awaiting us.
Laxus's POV

As we take off, I make sure to set my
Pegasus on the right track, so I can focus on something else. Someone else. I turn my head slightly, my eyes darting around looking for a certain white-haired mage. I see a flash of white and follow it with my eyes. What I find is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my entire life. Mira. Her perfect figure seemed to be relaxed, her face twisted into a smile, her long, silky hair blowing in the wind. Her eyes seemed to sparkle like a million fireworks of sapphire blue. She turns her head and our eyes meet. We just stare and suddenly, she pulls her eyes away, her cheeks tinted pink, slowly getting darker and darker, soon turning to red. I can't seem to hear anything above the sound of my beating heart.
Mirajane's POV

I turn my head to look for Lisanna, only to find someone else staring at me. Laxus. I notice how muscular he is, his electric yellow hair being tousled by the wind, his eyes staring into mine, seeming like he was looking into my soul. I soon pull my eyes away and turn my head so he won't see that I'm blushing like crazy. My heart seems to think that I just ran a marathon, beating uncontrollably until I forcefully make it slow down.
Lisanna's POV

As I watch the silent exchange of emotions between Mira-nee and Laxus, I feel a mischievous grin force its way upon my lips. I think it's time for matchmaker Mira to hand her matchmaking certificate to me. This is going to be so fun.

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