Halloween Party!~ Fred X Reader LEMON

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"Do you like it?" You asked as you get out form the bathroom and into Fred's room. Tonight, you two were invited to the SFIT Halloween party and you decided to got in a couple costumes. And the comic lovers you are, you decided to dress up as superheros. You were dresseed as Superwoman and Fred was dressed as Superman. (A/N Your costume in media!!) You need to admit that Fred looked sexy in the costume but Fred was thinking the same thing but you in that sexy Superwoman costume as he mentally was drooling over you. "I love it!" Fred beamed as he watches you fix your hair. Heatcliff knocked the door. "Master, the car is ready" "Thank you" Fred said politely. But the only thing that was in Fred's mind was how you hot and sexy you looked in that costume. 'You ready?" You asked distracting Fred from his dirty thoughts and he nodded. "Then let's have some fun" You said kissing Fred in the cheek making him blush as he takes your hand and head out of his room to his car.


"OMG! It looks scary" You beamed at the sight of the decorated SFIT in halloween decorations. Both of you entered to the party to see Hiro, Tadashi, GoGo, Honey Lemon and Wasabi already there. Hiro was dressed as Mario and obviously Tadashi was dressed as Luigi, while GoGo was dressed as Johanna from The Hunger Games, Honey Lemon as Rapunzel from the movie Tangled and DAMN! It fit her perfectly! (A/N See what I did there? No? ...Well okay... As always I will be the loner who laughs at her own jokes!!) and Wasabi was dressed as a funny hippie making you giggle. "Hey guys!" You said with a big smile, they looked at both of you and gasped. "OMG!! I LOVE HOW BOTH OF YOU DRESSED!!" Honey Lemon fangirled as she admired your costumes. "Well now that everyone is here, LET'S PARTY!" Hiro said and we yelled in unision. "But first SELFIE!!" Honey Lemon said and we got closer so we can take the picture. (A/N But first let me take a selfie...Sorry I had to) "Now let's party!" GoGo said smirking and we walked to the dancing floor as "Immortals" form Fall Out Boy was played.


As the night passed by, you decided to take a break from a lot of dancing around like maniacs and Fred decided to go with you. You walked to a fountain outside and sit there as you let the breeze of the night relax your muscles from a lot of dancing. Fred wrapped his arms around your waist and brought you closer to his body, you smiled at this and kissed him in the lips. As you broke the kiss, both of you smiled in delight and went for another kiss. "Hey, let me show you something" Fred said breaking the kiss and you nodded. You both stand up and you interwined your hand with his and let him guide you. As you stopped you see that you were in a like-forest, and even that you studied in SFIT, you never have been there. You turned around studying every detail, just to be interreputed by Fred pinning you against a tree and be kissed hungrily. You snaked your arms around his shoulders and stopped at his hair and you gently tugged it as you both kissed with passion, forgetting your surroundings. While Fred's arms were at your waist bringing you closer, deeping the kiss making it more passionate which you loved. You have never seen this perverted part of Fred but you were loving every bit from it. You broke the kiss for some air but Fred start sucking and gently bitting your neck making you moan quietly; this made Fred smirked against your skin and make more hickies. You decided to have payback and start doing the same.You moaned as his hands start traveling all around your body but stopped at your breasts, he began massaging them gently trying to make you moan louder; once he get what he want, he removed the costume as well as his. You kissed him while running your hands along his toned chest and his hands went to you back and unclipped your bra and tossed it at the pile of clothes.

You closed your eyes as he began to suck, nip, lick and bite in your nipples in a gentle way but also pleasurable, his fingers went to your (F/C) panties and start rubbing your heat making you m loudly, and in a moment his fingers inside you making you yelp but quickly recovered as he pumped in and out. When he finished with your breasts, he went back to kiss your now swollen lips and hushed your moans. "Fre-ed I'm goin-ng to cum" You managed to get out. "Cum for me, do it baby, I want your juices" He whispered making you shiver, and is if it was magic, after those words, you cummed all over Fred's hand. He licked it off and looked at you with such eyes clouded with lust and love. "I'm going in, are you okay with this?" Fred said looking at you while caressing your cheek, you smiled and nodded. He removed his underwear as well as yours, "Jump" He whispered and you did and your legs were around Fred's waist and were supported by his hands; in the movement Fred thrust into you making you scream in pleasure, as he thrust you slowly teasing you.

"Do you want it harder?" Fred whispered in your ear making you shiver and you nodded between your moans. And it happened and he race his thrusts hitting spots that they drive you to the edge. "Fre-ed I'm going to cum" And he groaned in response, as your moans and groans went louder until you cummed in each others arms.You were breathless. "I love you" Fred whispered and kissed you, once your broke , "I love you too" you whispered.


OMG!! Finally!! Sorry if I didn't update earlier is because , you know, school...I HATE IT!! But well here is Fred X Reader lemon, stay tuned for a Wasabi x Reader lemon!!





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