Chapter Thirty Five

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The party was today, I didn't tell Gwen when it was. So it was part surprise. For the invite list, I figured that my friends would like her, and since she apparently had no friends, that would have to do. I've noticed she doesn't collab with people often, it even seems as if I were the only one she's collabed with in years. I might say that she is the loneliest YouTuber there is, but she has Phil and Chris, and PJ is her bestfriend, she even has a boyfriend.

Back to the party. I invited people I thought might be able to make it or would do it for me. Chris, PJ, and Phil were the first three. Then it was Tyler, I was positive he would make it, I invited Charlie too, as well as Connor, Carrie, Caspar, Joe, and Zoe. Louise obviously came. I stopped my list there, knowing that twelve people was enough for Gwen to handle at once.

"So when is she going to get here?" Tyler asked.

"PJ picked her up from Uni an hour ago, and then he took her to shop until everyone arrived," I said, "I think they should get here any minute."

"So what's the juice with PJ and Gwen?" Zoe asked, "They sound close, are they secret cousins?"

"No, just bestfriends," I answered shaking my head.

Connor stood alone in the corner, it was different seeing him like that. He might just be a little uncomfortable as we don't know him as well. Hopefully Gwen will warm him up. But figuring I was the-

A laughter came from the entrance, PJ held open the door for Gwen as she walked in with her book bag still on her shoulders. They didn't have any extra bags, Gwen held a coffee instead.

She took a quick glance around the lounge that connected to her front door and froze.

"Surprise," we said in unison.

She turned on her heel and walked back out of the flat. PJ followed quickly after.

"She's nervous," I chuckled.

"It's funny since she's got three million subscribers," Caspar laughed, "She's one of us."

"She's a huge fangirl," Phil laughed.

"Aww," Louise said, "She's having feels."

"Oh she flipped out when she met me," Phil said, "And Chris, and PJ. She only kept her cool for Dan somehow."

"Did you not see her red face?" I recalled the first day of summer. Now here we were in September. We had only been dating for three months, known each other for four, but it's felt like forever.

The door opened again and Gwen was nudged in by PJ. She held the straps of her backpack, looked at us for a few seconds, and ran upstairs.

"I'm going to go get her," I sighed.

I walked up to her room, only to find her trying to get on her computer.

"Whatcha doing Gwendolyn?" I asked.

"N-nothing," she stuttered, opening her laptop finally.

"Really?" I chuckled, "It looks like you're avoiding your own party..."

"But they're cool, I don't compare," she whined.

"So? You're way out of my league, somehow you're dating me," I said sitting down next to her.

"But that's different," She said leaning forward, "I didn't realize I'd be interning for you, I just thought I'd be put with people I didn't know. This is-"

"Come on Gwen," I said, "If it make you feel better, Connor seems nervous also. Maybe you two could get to know each other."

Gwen shifted, "I've just been watching them forever and I'm afraid I'll mess up and say something about my old Tumblr."

"You did delete it, right?" I asked, "You said you would nearly three months ago."

"No," she shook her head, "I never did. I just changed the url."

"Do you remember the url?" I asked.

She shook her head again. I kissed her forehead.

"Well that's what matters, right?" I smiled, "Let's go down- there's pizza, cake, and Nutella and popcorn."

"Okay," she jumped off her bed and followed me down.

Author's Note

So Bailey had a life now and has no time to write, so I'm going to try and finish this with a bang.

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