Zayn: You and him are in your room, talking about stuff that has happened to the both of you, that you haven't told the other. He starts, then you follow.

"Janel, one thing that has happened to me, that you don't know yet is that I used to be bullied in school."

"That's bad, but nothing compared to what happened to me. I started self-harming, and I still haven't stopped."

"Babe, how long has this been going on?"

"Almost 3 years. For the year before I met you, I was anorexic, and bulimic."

'NO way. Have you gotten over that?"

'Yea, but I still cut."

"I promise to help you stop, but you have to work with me."

"Got it, Zayn." Over the course of three to five weeks, he helped you stop cutting.

Niall: "So, Niall, what's one thing that you haven't told me, that embarrasses you?"

"Oh, God, Janel, a lot of things."

"Name one? Please?"

"Alright. One time, when I was seven, I was playing around on an ATV trailer, and I fell off of the side. I cut my leg fairly deep." He showed me the scar, and you were impressed. As you pulled your pant leg up, you told what had happened, pointing to the many scars on your leg.

"Niall, one day, I was playing around, with a close friend of mine, Lizzie. We were having fun, when I felt someone shove me onto the street. A car came speeding past, and it crushed my leg. I'm not supposed to be walking on it, Ni. Somehow, they found out what happened- the leg bones were shattered- and they put in metal rods, pins, and plates. My knee cap is titanium. It's a hard story to tell, but I did."

"Wow, Janel, I never would have known... that's..."

"A medical miracle? Yea, that's what everyone says."

Liam: "Janel, your turn, beautiful." You and him were playing Truth or Dare, and having a bit of fun at it, too.

"Liam, babe, truth, or dare. Choose your fate wisely."


"Tell me a school subject that you hated."

"Math, by a long shot, especially when I hit Algebra."

"Nice. Your turn."

"Truth or dare."


"Tell me your darkest secret."

"Fine. I was at school one day, and I was in my worst class- sociology. I had a knife in my bag, but no one knew it. Our class was excused for a drink, and I went to the bathroom. I found a note in my pocket. 'Janel, just do it, you chicken!' I pulled the knife out of my bag, and did it. I slit my chest open."

" did, for real?"

"Yea. Want to see the scar?"

"Sure...." You pulled down the neckline of your shirt, revealing the long scar on your chest.

"Babe, you did this, at school. Bad girl!"

"I know, I know, Liam, don't remind me. This actually got me into a lot of legal trouble."

"Well, yea, no duh. Game over."

"I totally agree with that."

Louis: You, Louis, and Zayn were talking about random stuff, when Zayn suggested that you all share a dark secret that you each had. You had a bunch of good ones, as did Louis. Zayn shared his, then Louis shared his.