Chapter 5- Roomate

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Author's Pov

"M-Mate?" Suho stutter."Yes,mate" Lay smile at him."So let me tell you who's your mate.Kyungsoo your mate is that tanned man.Xiumin,your's Chen.Lay is Suho mate.Luhan with Sehun.Baekhyun with Chanyeol.And mine is Tao" Kris said.

"You think we want believe this?" Baekhyun ask them."You NEED to believe it" Kai replied."Argh...this is suck" Tao said."From now,you guys need to live with us.It's to dangerous" Chen tell them."As the guardian of this group,I think we need to agree.But how we want tell our parents?" Suho show his 'how?' face."Don't worry,we'll help you" Lay give him a warm smile.

That night,when Kris told them that they share a room with their mate,every one be like you-kidding-me-right? But still,they need to bare with it.

XiuChen's room

"Hey,you can sleep beside me" Chen said."O-Okay,thanks" It the only things that Xiumin can said."You know?You can share your problem with me" Chen smile to his mate."Emm,you too.You can share your problem with me" Xiumin replied with a warm smile.

KaiSoo's Room

"Hey,can I call you babe?" Kai ask his mate."W-What?!" Kyungsoo stutter a little."Can or not?" Kai show his puppy eyes."O-Okay" "Yeay!I love my babysoo!XD"

TaoRis's Room

Tao already sleep.He's to tired.While Kris,watching his mate with a smile on his face."I'll protect you"

BaekYeol's Room

"Hey hey,you already know my name right?" Chanyeol ask Baekhyun."Yup,your name is Park Chanyeol" Baekhyun smile."Hmm,wait.I'll call you Baekkie" Chanyeol said."Hmm,I'll call you Yeollie then" Baek replied then they sleep.Without Baek realize,Chanyeol's hand already hug his small body.

SuLay's Room

When Suho enter Lay's room,his eyes become wide.There's a lot of plushie unicorn in that room."He really love unicorn huh" he whisper but Lay still can hear it."Yeah,I really love it.It's cute,just like you" Lay's words make Suho blush."Thanks" he smile."Let's sleep.I know you still a little shock about the news" Lay said to his mate.He really worry if Suho doesn't get enough sleep."Okay :)" Suho replied.

HunHan's Room

"Hannie" Sehun call Luhan."Honey?" "No,it's Hannie.H.A.N.N.I.E" He spell it to make sure Luhan understand."Oh,it's a nickname.Hmm,I'll call you Hunnie" "Great!I love it.Hannie and Hunnie" Then,both of them smile to each other.

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