10: Close Call.

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It wasn't too long after Sun left that I could hear the alarm begin beeping through the wall and the sound of the shower running pulling me out of a dazed state. I moved to clean a bit before starting Moon's breakfast. I placed the left-out ingredients back into the cupboard having to use my tip toes to put the flour back up on the high shelves then gave the table a wipe down getting up the sticky mess Sun left behind.

Once the shower stopped, I clicked the stove back on reheating the griddle pouring the thick batter onto it. A yawn escaped my lips. I defiantly wasn't used to staying up so late just to get up so early. My eyes drooped as I watched the batter cook.

I heard the familiar ting of bells coming from the hall, my heart thumped against my chest assuming it was Moon. I focused on flipping the pancakes, but the smile crept across my face as his arms wrapped around my waist and he let out a small hmm as he kissed the top of my hair.

"Good morning." His voice was still a bit raspy from sleep, making me chuckle as I plated his food.

"Good morning to you too." I replied, offering him his plate.

He unwrapped his arms grabbing the plate with his free hand, he caught my chin turning it up to him he planted a kiss on my lips throwing my heart into overdrive. Pulling away he flashed me a wide grin.

"I could get used to this."

"To what?" I replied

"Kissing you whenever I feel like." He planted another one on my lips as though to solidify his statement. I rolled my eyes at him, but the soft blush still crept up to my cheeks.

"Go eat, you weirdo." Moon chuckled at me, giving me another kiss but on the cheek before sitting down at the table. I cleaned the rest of the dishes. I turned to find Moon chewing his food slowly while staring at me.


"Nothing." He said as he shoved another bite of food into his mouth not moving his eyes as I sat down. "Not eating?"

"I already did with Sunny."

"Hmm~ I'm surprised he's up so early..." Moon gave me a devilish smirk," Then again he did go to bed much earlier than us, didn't he?"

"Stopp Moon!" I exclaimed playfully slapping his arm, my face reddening as he laughed at me. I shook my head, chuckling into my hands.

"Not what you said last night." He teased

"Oh my God." I said almost painfully embarrassed. Thankfully Suns door creaked open putting an end to Moon's teasing but not his chuckling. I gave him a dirty look before turning my attention up to Sun who was dressed and ready for work.

"Ok, there Sunny?" I asked watching him fumble with his hair trying to get some tangles out of the back.

"Yeah, just seems like my hairbrush got up and walked away, disappearing again." He said, narrowing his eyes at Moon who didn't seem very fazed at Suns accusations.

"You left it in my bathroom after you showered dummy, I didn't take it." Moon shot back knowingly as he shoved another bite into his mouth.

"Well, I never said you did." Sun replied sticking his tongue out at him making me chuckle and Moon rolled his eyes as Sun turned on his heel walking down the hall returning shortly after aggressively raking the brush through his hair.

"Geez, Sunny your poor scalp." I winced watching him. I waved him over." Come here, let me help you before you rip all your hair out."

Sun uncertainly looked at Moon then walked over passing me the brush before sitting down onto the floor in front of my chair. I gently brushed through his thick tangles, being as gentle as possible. I could feel Moon watching silently.

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