Not Exactly Cinderella

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Not Exactly Cinderella

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom... You know what? Scratch that...

Once upon a time is just a bull shit starting for idiots.

My name is Cinderella Fortune!


Its not my fault that my parents have a great sense of humor and decided to name me by a Disney Princess. Actually not only me but my other two sisters as well... Belle and Aurora.

Now out of the three it is legit to believe that mine is the worst.
But that is where the twist is ...

None of us are anything like the Disney princesses. We are the complete opposites.

Now this isn't about my name at all... Not is it about that sob princess who had two ugly sisters who had the worst fashion sense... (My sisters are way cooler)!

It is about how I came to meet my Prince Charming. (Yes! unfortunately I have a Prince Charming)

Antonio Stevens and let me tell you before hand I did not like him at all... Nope not a bit!

We were polar opposites. While he was the studious, serious, student body president who didn't do relationships.

I was the school rebel and notorious prankster.
I hated him and let me tell you the feeling was mutual!

That is where my best friend Claire and her boyfriend Christian, who also happens to be Antonio's best friend come in...

What can I say... All hell breaks lose!


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