Zayn: You were a little late, like, a few minutes, to get home from the skating rink. You had wanted to skate a session, just yourself, and Zayn gave you the go-ahead. You were supposed to be home at 11:00, but you walked in the door at 11:04. Wow, a whole 4 minutes late.

"So...where have you been?"

"Skating rink, where else?"

"You're late."

"Wow, by how much, 4 whole fucking minutes?"

"Do NOT swear at me, ever fucking again! You got it?"

" I'm really going to listen to that." He shoved you against the wall, and when you hit, you cracked it. You got out of the wall- yes, you were stuck in it, and ran to your room, as fast as you could. You didn't even notice the blood that was shooting out of your arm and back, until you felt something wet press against your back. It was your shirt, and it was now soaked with blood all over the back of it. You left a bit of blood on the wall, and when Zayn noticed it, he flipped on himself.

"What the fuck did I just do to Janel? Damn it, she's bleeding. I don't even.....JANEL! BABE, COME HERE! Your back's bleeding."

"It's not like you care, considering that you are the one who did it! If you wouldn't have shoved me into the wall, I wouldn't be bleeding, nor would the wall be cracked."

"Shit, babe. Just come here. I'll get the wall fixed later, but right now, you are more important. Your back is bleeding."

"That wasn't the fucking- ow- case five damn minutes- ow- ago!"

"Janel, please, don't be like this. We are going to get your back stitched up, and you will be fine."

"Yea, and when I wear a bikini, it'll be noticable, and then what do I tell them? That you pushed me into a wall?"

"I'm sorry, boo, now let's go. You're losing more and more blood by the second." He sees the back of your shirt as you walk past him, to go to the car.

"Uh...babe, your covered in blood, and I'm about to pass out."

"Ignore the damn blood, and come on! Do you want me to bleed out?"

"No. That would be bad for both of us."

"Well, then, come on!"

"Yea, to the hospital!" The whole way there, Zayn is swearing to himself, saying that he should have more self-control. 4 minutes isn't enough to get mad over, but for you, that's enough time to get shoved into a wall, and it takes less time than that, even, to pass out, due to blood loss. Once you walked into the hospital, the nurses spent no time getting you into a room. 30 minutes later, both your arm and back were stitched up, and you were released.

"Zayn, listen here. I am in some pain right now, so please, no more using me to crack a wall."

"Will you shut the fuck up, before I shut you up."

"What are you going to do? Slap me?"

"No, worse. Rough kissing." You hate that, so you shut up, and you didn't say a word, unless Zayn directly was speaking to you, for close to 2 weeks. That taught Zayn a lesson to not use his girlfriend to crack a wall, as his punching bag, or harm her in any way, even if he really wanted to.

Niall: "Babe, get out of my way!" He just got home from the club, and it strongly resembled. You stepped aside, and he fell into the couch.

"Would you like some help?"

"You're not my damn mom, geez!"