Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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*Third Person POV*

"You guys have failed me too many times," the Shredder explains to Stockman and Bradford. "That is why I have a new plan."

"No, give us one more chance. We won't fail you anymore, master," Bradford tries to reason with his master. He obviously doesn't want to live in shame.

"No," the Shredder simply responds and walks over to a large tube covered in a black curtain. He uncovers the tube and reveals a teenage mutant ninja turtle with a pink mask. And it's obviously a girl.

"Is it supposed to be a girl?" Stockman asks staring at the turtle with a confused look.

"I don't care of the gender, Stockman, as long as it can fight off those turtles!" the Shredder exclaims and opens the tube. The girl turtle walks out and gives a slight smile towards everyone there, which is only Stockman, Bradford, and the Shredder.

"Hey, dudes," she greets and laughs. 

"She doesn't seem serious enough and you can't just create a turtle and expect it to fight," Bradford explains like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I have been training her for a long time, now, actually, before I met any of you. She's 15 years old today and she is an excellent fighter. She's just absent-minded from time to time. A very bubbly and joking personality, she has," the Shredder explains.

"My name is Maya," the turtle smiles at the mention of her name. "The Shredder has told me about your failures."

"Ok, Maya, you know what you have to do," the Shredder states.

"I can't get at least one more slice of pizza or play one more video game or read one more comic?" she asks kind of complaining.

"No. The time has come to prove your worth," the Shredder concludes.

"She doesn't look that dangerous," Stockman comments and with that, Maya runs over to the guy and kicks him in the chest sending him backwards. "Not fair, I wasn't ready," he adds in pain on the ground.

"Fine. I'll go now. I have done some research and I think I know where I might find them if I don't find them on the streets," Maya explains and exits the building.

*Mikey's POV*

"Ok, guys, I don't think we should go out tonight," Leo explains looking over at Raph who seems upset by that idea.

"Why, Leo? We need to be out there," Raph argues with Leo like he always does.

"Hey, dudes, guess what?" I ask.

"Mikey!" all my three brothers shout and I slump down in my seat. "Mikey, we don't have time right now," Donnie explains and I nod my head trying to understand.

Normally, I would agree with whatever Leo says, but Donnie just made a new skateboard with radical new designs. I need to try it out now.

"Leo, can't we go out tonight? Please?" I say and give him a cute sad face so he'll have to say yes.

"The first time Mikey and I actually agree on something, Leo! You should be proud. Proud enough to celebrate outside," Raph states and I nod.

"Look, guys, I agree with Leo. I think we should take tonight off as well," Donnie agrees with Leo and I feel upset. I really wanted to try that new skateboard.

"But, the skateboard," I complain and Leo turns towards Raph.

"See, Raph? You're the only one who wants fighting. Mikey just wants his skateboard," Leo explains and Raph looks mad now.

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