Chapter 1

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Hi my names kenzie, I'm fourteen years old, brown hair, brown eyes, I'm tall... I guess you could say I'm an average girl, well except for one thing.... I am bullied. And I know what you're think, "so what if she's bullied" well my bully is a little different, their names are Grayson and Ethan ... As in... The Dolan twins.

They haven't always bullied me, we accually used to be best friends. The bullying started mostly in 6th grade when we started middle school, they left to go with the popular crowd and I stayed behind... They just kind of... Left me. Deep down I still miss them, how I used to go over to their house after school, how we used to have sleepovers and how we used to just talk for hours at a time... But now it's all different....

6:45 am
I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, I quickly sat up and slapped the snooze button. I know what you're thinking, "why isn't she getting up", well it's summer and I don't feel like getting up.
I slept for about an hour more, til 7:50, and I decided to get up, I sat up in bed and reached over for my phone, I scrolled through Twitter and Instagram and opened a few snapchat. I did that for a while until I got up and walked downstairs to the wonderful smell of my mom making bacon.

"Grab a plate honey" my mom said

"Can't I eat later" I whinned

"No you have plans today"

"What plans... I don't have any plans" I said getting scared by the second

"Yes you do you are going over to the Dolans house with me" I shivered at the thought

"Now go get ready we have to leave in an hour" my mom said sternly

I ran up to my room without even eating, hopped in the shower, got out and walked over to my closet. Since it was going to be nicer out today I decided to wear a grey sweatshirt, Jean shorts and black converse. I dried my hair and just pinned back my bangs with bobby pins. I didn't feel like putting my contacts in so I threw on my glasses, grabbed my galaxy backpack, filled it with my electronics and a book, and ran downstairs.

My mom was waiting for me outside in the car so I hopped in and we were off. We pulled into the Dolans driveway, and I hopped out of the car feeling like I was going to throw up...

To be continued...

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