Christina's P.O.V

"Chris I'm going to miss you so much! Make sure you call and FaceTime me every day"

"I promise I will soph. I'll come visit all the time and you the same" I say hugging my best friend.

"It's not going to be the same without you. who am I going to have for backup when I need to sneak out or go partying with?" She says pouting.

"You'll find a way" I say laughing. Two nights ago my dad gave me the news that we were moving to LA. Automatically I wanted to say no but I knew it was because of his job and he was going to have a better job offer.

"The taxi's here!" My dad yells from outside. Sophia and I walk out and give each other one last hug.

"Call and text me everyday" Sophia says as we both have tears rolling down are cheeks. We pull apart and I walk to the car. I wave at her one last time and take one last look at the house I've lived all my life in.

"You okay?" My dad asks as we pull away from the house and Sophia.

"Yeah. I know mom would of want me to be happy and excited to be moving to LA" I say and look out the window. My mom died a year and a half ago due to lung cancer. It was one of the hardest things in my life.

We finally pull up to the airport and take out our bags and walk in. Everything else was shipped to our new house in LA. I haven't seen it yet but my dad says it's nice and big.

After going through security and everything, we finally get to our gate and start to board.


After a 4 hour plane ride we finally get here. We get out and get in a taxi. We pass through the cities and I admire it all. I go on twitter and decide to tweet knowing Sophia would see it.

@Christina_ finally in LA!

I tweet just as we pull up to a house or should I say our house. I look out the windows and I instantly fall in love with it. We get out and my dad pays the driver. I step out and look at it. It defiantly is a big house, like mansion size big. How the hell did my dad get to pay for this.

"You coming?" I look at my dad who's walking to the front door. I jog up to him as he opens the door. The outside is one thing but the inside is a whole another story.

"How did you pay for this?" I say shocked looking around the whole and walking around the first floor.

"Well because my job asked for me to move down here they paid for the house. why don't you go check your room upstairs" he says nodding his head toward the twin staircase. I jog up one and look down the hallway. There is 3 rooms down one side and 3 down the other with one right in the middle. My dad told me that there was two extra rooms and one for his office. The one in the middle is the bathroom. I go down the right and open the first room, its a guest room. I walk to the next one and its another guest room.

Okay maybe I'm on the wrong side.

I open the last room and instantly know its mine. The walls are painted a baby purple mixed with a baby pink. The bed is a king size bed right in the middle. I walkover to the closet and open the doors to reveal my walk-in closet.

"Damn" I say walking in and running my hands through the clothes already in here. I walk out and walk over to the bathrrom connected to my room. The walls are a marble pink. This house couldnt get any better.

"Hey Chris, I'm going to go out to get food. Check out the pool in the backyard" I hear my dad yell and my eyes widen.

I run to my balcony and open the french doors. I look over and indeed there is an inground pool. I run back in my room and go to my closet, I pick out a black bikini and throw it on. I slip on my flip flops and go downstrairs. I walk over to the back doors and open the sliding doors. I walk out and slip of my shoes. I walk over to the pool and dip one foot in. Its alright not too cold. I sit down and let my feet get wet.

"I think I'm going to like it here" i say looking up at the sky. I decide to call Sophia to let her know.

"Christina!" her voice comes through the phone

"Hey Soph" I say

"Hows Cali? Boring?" she asks laughing.

"You wont believe what my house looks like." I say looking around.

"Oh my gosh tell me!" I tell her about my room and the rest of the house.

"What the hell? Why didn't I move with you" I laugh at what she says after I tell her about the house.

"I didn't even know it was going to be this big or nice." I say laughing.

"Whatever, you just didn't want me to go. That's fine forget you"

"Okay so when I meet the love of you're life don't come running back begging for his number" I say laughing. Sophia's in love with Nate Maloley. Now you may ask, how am I going to meet Nate, well let me just say I'm very close with his best friend Sammy Wilkinson.

"OKAY!! OKAY!!! I forgive you now get me some Maloley digits"  I laugh and then I hear someone calling her in the background.

"Ugh I gave to go babysit the neighbors child, I'll talk to you later Chris! Remember to get me his number"

"I will bye" I say and with that we hang up. I move my feet around in the water.

I think I'm going to like it here


Hey guys so this is my second book I'm going to be writing

I hope you all likes it


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