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Chapter 28

Percy never did fall asleep but "awoke," in his bed that morning after studying bottom of the top bunk for many sleepless hours.

After Four's warning Percy couldn't think of sleeping. It was all he could do to keep from squirming all night as he felt the cuffs from the torture table bite into his skin. He knew that it was all in his head, but the memory of it was still so new if he stayed still too long he felt trapped against the straps once again.

A cold hand fell on his shoulder.

Percy jumped as audrenaline shot through him like a bullet. He turned to see a pair of bright gold eyes light up the darkness next to his face.
Percy yelped and fell out of his bed and into the floor.
His eyes began to adjust and he realized that the eyes were on the face of a long haired girl leaning over him.

"Who are you and what are you doing?!" Percy demanded.

She put her warm hand over his mouth, startling him further.

"Silence," she directed, "you must follow me."

Her hand disappeared and a moment later she was sneaking out of the room.

He was stunned.
She was out of the room before he could breathe a word.
Was he going crazy? Was this phantom with gold eyes even real?
He laid on the cold floor a few moments, deciding whether he should follow.
Curiosity got the best of him.
he got up and followed.

He went into the hall and looked for her golden eyes. Looking down one hall he saw the flick of a skirt before it diapered around the corner. He jogged down the hall towards her and had to hurry to keep up with her. When they were in the long hallway off of the bedroom she slowed down to let him catch up.

"I am Lorem," she whispered to him as she speed walked down the dimly lit hall. "You are in danger."

Percy frowned.

"You know Four?" Percy assumed. She cast him a side long glance before turning her attention back to the hall.

"No, who is Four?" she asked.

"Um," Percy began to feel unsure.

"They are coming to take you," she said looking both ways down a connecting corridor before stepping into the intersection. The way she did it seemed so robotic. It was unnerving. She looked him in the eyes. Her gold ones literally glowed like fireflies. "This is the first time I have been able to appear to you more properly. I needed to get you to safety."

Percy stared at her, completely baffled. What was she talking about? In the light of the next corridor he realized that she had pure white hair  hanging loose around her shoulders. She had light skin. She was clearly young, but maybe a few years older than himself. And she was drop dead gorgeous.

Lorem wore a purple dress that went down to her knees and was short sleeved. But what was most disconcerting was that she had no shadow.

"What are you talking about? How do you even know about that?" Percy said frustrated and tired, "and who are you!"

Her hand was once again over his mouth. She stared into him as she repeated.

"I am Lorem."

She released him and walked down another corner.

"I mean where did you come from? How do you know they are coming? What did you mean by appearing more properly? And how do you know me?" Percy asked trying to keep his voice down he hurried to keep up.

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