Chapter 1 Prologue

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So IZ ff like I didn't already have enought of those XD this is an AU I thought up of a while ago and thought it would make a good ZaDr story!!


Day 1

Dear Tsukiko,
So today kind of... well... sucked. Yesterday I wanted to try out some new cosplay equipment I got in this country just to see if they have the same stuff that home does. I talked to Riki and she told me were to go. I got the premium stuff! Total score! I had only used it once since I got here and I was eager to try it one more time before school started the next day. So I put in my face paint and called up Riki and Ponyo and chatted with them. But I fell asleep in my cosplay. Now normally face paint even when you fall asleep in it, it doesn't do to much damage it just takes more time to get it off your face. But this morning I did everything in my power and it DID NOT COME OFF!!!! No instead I had to go to school on my first day with green paint on my face. Not only that but dude! English is one really confusing language!! So there I was going to my first day in a new school in a new country, my face is green, and I can hardly understand English let alone speak it! Well that's really my only report now. Well see ya.

Your Friend,

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