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Heather's POV

Soccer practice just ended and most seniors like me are discussing about the VanDaan party tomorrow, I'm anxious to go

As we all enter the lockers, the both teams are here, the freshman and sophomore girls and the junior and seniors. yay .

It was shower time and we all had to make a huge line, who knew so many girls would be interested in soccer

I watch the other team's line and A blue eye catches my view. Samantha Prado. She was a little freshman who happens to be really popular and everybody knows her very well, many boys were in love with her, she was beautiful and sexy, no one could deny it, I thought she was very cute and well I sometimes felt sexually attracted to her but I would not tell her

Everyone already know's I'm a lesbian and everything, they're cool with it really, Considering I'm the only lesbian that is a senior

It was finally my turn to take the shower, Yay

I finished my shower and when I got out, everyone was gone already, there was only me and Samantha left

both her and I only had our towels around our body's nothing else

"Hi Heather" I hear her say as she came to seat on the isle I was in

"Hey Samantha" I told her grabbing my clothes and sitting next to her

"What's up" I ask her staring at her small boobs

She came closer to me and said with a whisper voice
"I really need your help with something" if it is what I think it is then I will totally help her
"I've been feeling really horny lately and I've tried my boyfriend to please me but I just don't get the pleasure with him and I wanted you to tell me how do girls have sex. and demonstrate me" she said holding her towel from where it opened

"Well Samantha, I can show you here if we lock all the doors" I told her, she seemed to obey and she went and locked all the doors from the inside, I'm excited

"Okay now, put all the benches together so It will make a bed like" I told her getting nervous, was this really happening?

She put all the benches together so now it had the shape of a bed, I out many towels over the benches for us to lay in, she sat on the "bed" and got on her knees, I did the same and looked at her

"Are you sure you want to do this" I asked her
"Positive" she said taking a huge breath

I also took a huge breath and I let my towel fall down, I felt her eyes everywhere in my body, boobs and clit, when she was done admiring, she did the same

Yeah, just how I like them. big hips and little boobs, her skin looked soft and oh how I wanted to suck her

"Okay, Look Samantha, I want you to lay down ok"
She lay down on the towels and I saw her getting wet

"I'll begin alright" I told her getting near her neck
"Please" she whispered slowly

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