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Chapter 1:

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Maite's POV:
Hey I'm Maite Perroni. ( she isint famous here ). I'm 15 years old. I'm Latina.
Since I'm already 15 me and my mom are planning this sort of quinceañera thing for me.
I really want one. I was just looking through a magazine of all quinceañera dresses.
We already have the place and all that but we just don't have my dress.
I plugged in my ear phones and changed stations to a Luis Coronel.
I put Mi Niña Traviesa on.
Then my mom comes in the room. " Mija, are you hearing Luis Coronel music again?" She asked.
I nodded.
" mom why can't we have Luis for my party?" I groaned.
" because Mija, to book him for a day costs allot of money, and you want all the attention to you, don't you?" She asked looking at me.
" I do but it's one in a life time ".
She sighed.
" hurry up Mija we have to go see dresses since your quince is in two weeks" she said grabbing her bag.
I sighed and put on some sandals and went outside.
We were at this dress shop, so many pretty dresses. But only one caught my eye.
It was a very light shade of pink mixed with purple, and so many decorated sparkles and stuff on top. It was curls on the bottom half of the dress. And very big and puffy.
" mom can I get this one?" I asked.
" is this the one that you like " my mom said eyeing it up and down.
I nodded.
" we'll it is kinda nice " she said turning it around. " and heavy too".
We then went to try it on.
After I came out and it looked so pretty.
" mom please I beg" I whined.
" Maite it does look very pretty let's see, uh ma'm do you have some high heels?" My mother asked.
The lady showed her some heels.
" look Mija these high heels can be for everything and when it's time to change to some bigger high heels you take these off and put these on" she said holding up two pair of high heels.
I nodded.
The smaller high heels were plain silver. And the second psi of high heels wich was a bit b white pearls and all.
My mom is going all out on this.
I went back to change into my other clothes.
They packed my dress into this suit thingy. And the shoes in boxes.
Once my mom payed I grabbed the shoes and my mom grabbed the dress.
We finally reached my house and I went up to my room and layed my dress on my bed including the shoes.
I went on my phone and went on Instagram.
I received a notification that Luis Coronel put something on Instagram.
So I went to look at it.
It was a picture of him. I of course liked it, it's not like he's going to notice but you know what ever.
I stayed awhile on my phone wich seemed for ever because I went to eat then come back then get back on my phone.
I couldint stop staring at my dress and shoes.
Yes, I finally have my dress now!
I'm so exited, I can't wait for the rest of the two weeks to be over so it can be the day of my Quinceañera.
" Maite honey you hungry?" My mom called from downstairs.
" yeah mom I'll be right there" I yelled back. I got up and went down stairs.
I sat down and my mom served me some food along with my dad and little sister Stefanie.
" mom how many years do I have left for my quince?" She asked my mom.
" ooo Mija como 5 or Mabye more" she spoke.
Estefania pouted.
" it's no fair why did Maite have to be born first. It's not fair" she getting her food and going upstairs.
" see and you say she isint a little devil" I said to my mom.
" Mija eat" she said pointing to my plate.
This time I pouted.
After I finished eating I went up to my room.
I was very tired so I took a shower and then got changed into some warm pjs.
Where I love it's very hot it never is cold unless it's snowing or raining.
But ok I then went to sleep.

Soon letting the dark hit me, and all I could see was my day dreams.

Hey guys it's MalikGirl37 and in made this fanfic because I just adore Luis Coronel and like I think this would be a good fanfic about him, and Maite Perroni is also famous she is a bit older than him but let's just make her younger here.
She's also another inspiration to me.
So yeah, hopefully you guys will love the first chapter to
and please comment, favorite, and like it,

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