Remember when I said that I don't like acting out roles from texts, seems like the contrary started to happen when we both began to, dare I say, dramatically rise from our desks, being completely infatuated by our roles and look at each other while we passionately spoke. Appears to be that I'm not the only one who memorized my lines. By now even the ones who were sleeping in class were awake, we caught everyone's attention. The looks of confusion and curiosity stretched out on their faces.

He softly spoke and reached out with his hand from where he stood by his desk as though he was really talking to me "I take thee at thy word. Call me but love, and I'll be new baptized. Henceforth I never will be Romeo.". My heart fluttered and skipped a few beats when I caught the sincerity in his eyes and heard the sweet warm tone of his voice speak comforting words to me. For a moment I forgot who he was, who I was and where we both were.

I could only barely find the words to speak and found myself soundlessly whispering "What man art thou that, thus bescreened in night, so stumblest on my counsel?"

He became rigid, there was a slight toughness in his voice "By a name I know not how to tell thee who I am. My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself because it is an enemy to thee. Had I it written, I would tear the word." Wait, what just happened? The look in his eyes shifted, he looked torn and distraught for what appeared to be acting but it seemed so genuine that it shook me.

And just like that, the bell rang signaling the end of the day and bringing me back down to earth. I inhaled sharply as I heard the scraping of chairs against the floor and the shuffling of feet trying to escape this hell hole as fast as possible. I looked around to notice the classroom slowly emptying out the wooden door and into the hallway, but the moment I looked back, there was not a sight of Ethan. 

I couldn't bring myself to forget or shake off the tone of his words and the way they replayed through my mind, 'By a name I know not how to tell thee who I am. My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself because it is an enemy to thee. Had I it written, I would tear the word'. Just why did he say it like that or even look the way he did. 

It was like he was truly Romeo and I was his Juliet, as though I was the love of his life and his worst enemy or something. Maybe he's struggling with his romantic life and the only way he could express it was through the literature. I mentally slapped myself for thinking that I was some sort of shrink and getting carried away in my thoughts of Ethan Falkov. HA! as if Ethan needed something like that on his mind. You need to stop watching crappy soap operas Athena. Ethan Falkov torn? And that too over his so called "love" yeah right, keep moving Athena. Keep moving. 

I collected my things from my desk, dumping them all in my bag and shoving a few papers in my binder as I made my way towards the door until the dragon spoke, "You know Athena, I am very impressed with you. You're really turning out to be a bright star in my class in comparison from when you first started. Keep it up, but its best if you don't indulge too far in the world of literature, you will need to keep a clearer mind for greater responsibilities of your world. I look forward to seeing you next week." And with that, she made her way out the door.

"Wait, what?" when it finally clicked, I quickly ran out into the hallway, "Wait! Mrs. Cumberpatch, I don't under-...stand.." only to find it cleared out from any human body, including the individual that just left not longer than two seconds ago. Talk about dramatic exit. What did she mean greater responsibilities? Taxes? I don't need to pay for those and what did she mean "Your" world.

Man she must be on something, trying to pretend to be an oracle of some sort. Or who knows, maybe the old lady couldn't help join in on the drama that just played out in front of her. I guess everyone needs a little something to keep life interesting. Speaking of interesting...Ethan. Something about those eyes, something I just couldn't shake off. But nevertheless I had to, it's not like we talk. Heck we're not even friends.

The weather was getting weirder and weirder by the second, its only three o'clock but it seemed to resemble half past six in the evening. The wind was picking up and the trees were complaining with their rattling leaves and their shivering barks. The whirling and crackling noises of wind and wood were so loud I could barely hear myself think. Something is not right today, I don't know what, but its just not normal.

Grey as ever, it seemed like everything else decided to conform to the colour. First the clouds and the sky, then the trees and houses, and now even the pavement! Wait a minute- looking down at the ground, I think the pavement was always this color. Kicking the toe of my shoe lightly at the pavement as a weird 'pat-on-the-back' kind of action. Good job pavement, stay true to who you are, true and original, some things just can't help get a little jealous of your uniqueness I thought while giving the clouds a disapproving look. 

Realizing what I just did, and how silly it was, I shook my head and carried on the walk back home. I think it's the weather that's making everyone weird and out of character. I managed to get home quickly and shutting the ebony door behind me, leaning my back against it with a breath of relief that I hadn't even known that I was holding in.

"Oh hey Athena! You're home! We were just about to head out to the grocery store, the weather channel suggested we prepare ourselves for a very unlikely yet still possible deathly storm or something. So I thought we should stock up on some canned goods, aaannnddd a bunch of bags of other crunchy salty goodness!" My lout of a brother, Samuel was yelling from the kitchen far behind through the hallway to the front door. Yes I was home, home sweet home for sure. This little deep purple-plum coloured entrance brought back so many memories and a familiar feeling of comfort with a large black, intricately framed antique mirror on the left and a table under it that matched it in style and colour, containing many drawers which were filled with multiple things that I myself don't even know what exactly.

"Now don't be silly, they never said deathly storm, just a very bad one that is very unlikely to occur but still possible." And that was the sweet voice of my brother's girlfriend, Olivia. She was a very kindhearted and pretty girl with chestnut brown hair that naturally had blonde highlights. She was blessed with beautifully tanned skin that carried slight freckles on her cheeks and on the bridge of her nose. 

I always thought that my brother got lucky when he got a girlfriend as kind and attractive as her, makes me wonder how much he was paying to keep her there. I snickered to myself at the thought. My brother on the other hand was this gross, and slimy individual. I'm just kidding, I guess he was alright with tan skin of his own and dark brown hair with amber-honey coloured eyes. He did keep in shape but was still an oaf and a goofball. Samuel or mule as I like to call him was 2 years older than I am. He was turning 20 whereas I was still not even 18 yet but I will be soon!

"Ahhhtthheeeeeeeeeennnaaaaaaaa!" Snapping back to reality at the overly exaggerated extension of my name, I look at my brother with a glare whilst he still continues to wave a hand in my face I guess to get me to pay attention to him.

"I'm not deaf Mule no need to be so loud and dramatic." I said, swatting his hand away from my face.

"Well you sure act like it. ANYWAY, we're heading out now, you coming?" He started and gently pushed me off the door that I was still leaning on. "OLIVIA COME O- oh you're right here." He laughed awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. Olivia carried the same expression as me and lifted a brow as to say 'seriously?' She nodded her head towards the door, Samuel got the idea and started to make his way out before she gave him a piece of her mind. I smiled at that reaction and looked away from my brother. 

"Come on Athena, I'll see you in the car." she said politely.

I nodded at her and walked out the door right behind her, not before turning around to shut it and lock it. Taking in a deep breath, the looming feeling of dread is still sitting uncomfortably on my shoulders, and I couldn't help but wonder if we should even go to the grocery store. Slowly exhaling and shaking my head as to rid myself of the thoughts of 'doom-and-gloom', I make my way over to my brother's car, only hoping that my gut instincts were wrong.

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