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My alarm went off, causing me to jump, I moaned and rolled around not wanting to get up. Another pointless day. Or so I thought. My alarm still ringing I pulled back my covers. Cold air blew across my bare legs. I shiverd and flung my legs over the side of the bed. I hit the snooze button on my alarm and pushed my body sluggishly off my bed. I shuffeled over to my arm chair in the corner of my room. I grabbed my towel and walked slowly to the bathroom. I flicked on the light and walked into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me. I began to strip of my clothes, dropping them infront of my feet. I yawned as I pulled back the shower curtains. I stepped into the shower and pulled the curtains closed. I turned on the water, letting cold water run down my spine, causingnvme to shiver.

After a couple mintues there was  a loud knock on the door. I turned off the water.

"yes?" My voice was soft like always.

"Breakfast is ready." My mom said. I sighed and pulled back the shower curtains. I grabbed my towel and wraped it around my body. I grabbed my clothes from the floor and unlocked the door. I opened it and saw my mom standing out side the door. she was staring at me.

"you okay?" she asked me. I smiled at her and began walking towards my room.

"Kat?" she spoke softly. I turned my head back towards her.

"I'm okay mom. Just tired." I smiled at her. She frowned. I knew she did not believe me but she said nothing else and began to walk down the hall and back down stairs. When she was out of my eye sight I walked into my bed room once again. I closed the door behind me dropping my towel to the ground. I shivered slightky as a soft breeze came through my open window, hitting my bare body. I grabbed a pair of underwear from my dawer and slid them on. Next i grabbed a bra and put it on. I walked towards my mirror and sat down in front of it. I began brushing my hair. I starred at my relection. My green eyes against my pale skin is wierd enough, but to through in my jet black hair and my freckles, it was unnatural, yet beautifully and haunting. I put my brush back on the counter and got up, walking towards my closet. I opened the double doors and looked at the aray of clothing hung up. I grabbed a black tank top, a pair of jean short shorts and my red beanie. I slipped on my shirt, followed by my shorts and my beanie. I walked back to my mirror and sat back down, pulling my makeup box ontovmy lap. I pulled out black eye liner and applied it on the top on my eye in a thick black line. I put it back and grabbed my lipstick out. I ran the red lipstick across my top lip, then my bottom. I grabbed a cotton swab and poured rubbing alchol on it, then I cleaned my snake bites. I put on black mascara and closed my makeup kit. I placed it back on the floor and got up. I grabbed a pair of socks and pulled them on, then pulled on my converse. I walked out of my room and down stairs.

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