Part 1

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Lilly was born July 8th 1999. Her father left when she was very small. By the time she was in 2nd grade she was bullied. So many kids in her school called her names like Stupid , Ugly , Fat, and she just ignored them being strong. But after 8 thought they were right. Her mom was a drunk and she had no clothes. She had 4 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes. Lilly's clothes were never washed , they got washed 1 a month. Lilly's mom was never home. Lilly was strong and made her own food and washed her own clothes. Another year went by and Lilly in 10th grade. She literally hated her self. And one day came by and the most popular kid in school asked her out. "Hey Lilly, How are you?" said Cameron very sweet. "I'm Okay. " Replied Lilly very quickly. "Good. I want to ask you something. I really like you , will you date me?" Asked Cameron very worried. "Um no. Please stop. I know you don't like me. So please stop joking with me!" Said Lilly very quickly and walked away. But what Lilly didn't know is that Cameron really did like her.


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