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I could think of a lot of reasons on why I should stay away from him.

For one, I'm too cold-blooded to be in relationship. Another is because he's three years younger than me. One more is that he's my little sister's best friend. Another reason why is his mother despises my very existence.

And there are the little things too: I don't like the boring and uptight course he's taking. I strongly hate the tattoo that's covering his shoulder cuff that extends to a small part of his back and most of his upper arm. I don't like the kind of music that he likes. I hate the cologne that he uses. I always despise how he bites his bottom lip after chuckling.

I hate... There are a lot of things that I hate about him so bad that I want to stay away. The list of reasons to elude his attempts on seducing me is endless. 

But the one main reason, major contributing and deciding factor, is that being with him would mean wreckage to the people I love—and I couldn't let that happen.

I've thought of a million reasons why I shouldn't be with him, I just didn't know that it would only take one reason for me to stay.

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