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"Come on Avory!" Brooke yelled out the front door. "I'm coming!" I yelled right back at her mocking her voice.

It was our first day of Junior year and we decided to go grab a bite to eat. We both knew there was a cute waiter there and the food was delicious. "I shall drive I guess" I told Brooke. Brooke handed me her keys and we pulled out of the drive way and went to a restaurant called "Rare" it's supposed to be gourmet Italian and very popular.

"Table for two?" A guy named Nash asked us. "Yes please" Brooke said smiling. We walked down to a table near a fancy fish tank and Nash put down two menus and silverware for us.

5 minutes later our server walked over. "Hello ladies, I am Cameron and I will be your server for the night, can I start you out with any drinks?" He said in a welcoming voice. "Um yeah, can we have two sweet teas?" Brooke answered. "Sure thing" Cameron replied putting notepad back into his pocket. I looked down at his hands and arms and noticed his muscle and arm veins.

"Omg his arm veins are so attractive." I whispered to Brooke. Some reason Brooke just started laughing and I turned around and noticed that Cameron was standing right there with our drinks. I started to blush and he just laughed. "Can I take your order?" Cameron asked. "Yeah I will take the chicken pasta and she will have the baked salmon." "Alright that will be right out for you." Cameron said. He started to walk away.

"I will pay for it" I told Brooke. I saw that the check had a number on it, a phone number and after it, it said call me with a smiling face. I saw Cameron look at me and he smiled, I smiled back.
Hey guys, my name is Alyssa if you didn't know and I'm just starting out with writing! I'm going to update as much as possible and who knows this may turn into a sequal ;)

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