I love my friends

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Chapter one, I love my friends

"What's up!? Justin here and you're watching another TJW vid!" Justin smiles big into the camera, his green eye's glowing.

"It's tyler." Tyler waves to the camera.

"And Matt!" Matt yelled to the camera and I shake my head, zooming out with the camera so you can see them all better.

"Dj couldn't be here today." Matt shrugs.

"Yeah, unfortunately the jack ass is grounded again so sorry for that." Tyler rolled his green eye's and we all laugh.

"Anyways, we wanna thank you all for Four million subs on YouTube!" Justin cheered and they got up and began to run in circles.

"So, for your awesome fan loyalty, we're going to do the soda challenge." Matt grinned at the camera.

It's Thursday, every thursday there's a new TJW video. Which stands for (The jay wheels). The guys do awesome skating tricks. Justin, my bestfriend, started the channel with Tyler, Matt, and Dj two years ago. Tyler, matt, and dj are also my good friends. We're all a group of tight friends, im not the only girl. It's Me, Vanessa, Kelly, and Lauren. Four guy's, four girls. We all do everything together.

Vannessa, She's the slickest girl out of us all. We're all seventeen. She's got long black hair with pink highlights at the bottom. She's also got brown eye's and the body of a freaking model. She dates Dj.

Kelly, she's got naturally auburn hair and green eye's. She's tumblr asf.

Then Lauren, her hair is this type of cute faded orange and she has brown eye's but one is lighter than the other. She's the quietest but when she does talk she's bold and wild.

Then, there's me. Im Madeline. Im the shortest, and it sucks alot. I've got this really dark black long hair and pale blue eye's with a few freckles. Lot's of people think my hairs dyed, but it's all natural. Im the most craziest and weirdest. Most of the time I have no idea what im talking about, but I know my friends love me.

Lauren's My girl bestfriend. I mean, all of them are the bestest of friend's but I've known Laury longer, and she knows everything about me, even my big secret that nobody else knows but her.

She likes Tyler. Tyler's not only a skater but he's also a really dope dancer. He has long shaggy blonde hair, but it's cute. She practically drools everytime he wears a man bun. He has pure green eye's as well, pale and light. He's tall, just like all the guy's. They all look like swim suit/Hollister models. Tall, fit, with abs, and very energetic.

Then there's Matt. He's stupid, like, crazy stupid. He's nerdy but cute. Once, he asked our substitute on a date thinking she was a student because she looked so young, it was hilarious. But he has blonde spiky hair and blue eye's.

DJ, he's the crazy delinquent rebel. He's street and book smart. He's the schools bad boy, but he doesn't disrespect any girls like that. He doesn't sleep around, he actually ignores almost every girl. Has never dated any of them. Maybe he's gay? Lol. But he has black spiked hair dyed red at the top so I call him flame, because it looks like flames. And then he also has hazel eye's.

Justin, my guy bestfriend. I've known him since I was five. He's the sweetest fucking guy I know, and he's so funny. Justin's the school clown, most people have just class clowns but justin needs help, He's just too much to deal, he's a prank master.

I hate it.

But he's got this light and dark brown beautiful hair That's flipped off to a side and dark, amazing, noticable green eye's that just kill me inside. Sometimes they change to a lighter green. But he has freckles too.

I might have a crush on him.


I place the camera infront of the three guy's and press record again. They're sitting at Justin's kitchen table with the sodas.

"Alright, now for the soda challenge." Justin starts.

"Okay, so the rules for this are that you have to put a mouth full of fresh sizzling soda into your mouth, whoever swallows first looses. The looser gets something thrown at them, simple." Tyler shruggs.

Vanessa, kelly, and Laury walk inside through the back door and take seats beside me behind the camera. But Vanessa walks through the video and fucks up everyone's hair, laughing as they groan and then fix it. She waves at the camera, "Hi beautiful creatures!" She smiles a bright smile and then sits back down. We all laugh.

"Alright, maddy, you call it." Justin says. He's the only one who calls me maddy♥.

"Ready, set, go!" I yell and they all gulp on the fresh soda, mouth fulls of it for each of them. Once they all have a big mouth full they put the bottles down and freeze.

Matt's the first to swallow it.

Justin and tyler swallow theirs and dance in victory, doing the nae-nae and then the tweak. Me and the girl's laugh and we all walk outside, me with the camera in hand.

The guy's squirt poor Matt with ketchup, mustard, pickle juice and even throw eggs at him.

"Wasnt it suppose to be one fucking thing! Not fifty shades of consequences!" Matt yelled and we all laughed. Laury got him a towl and we walked back inside.

"Ready, set, hoe!" I say and the guy's die laughing, not being able to drink.

"Aight, forreal this time. Ready, go!" I shout.

"Bitch, you forgot set." Tyler said and we all laughed. Justin smacked him across his head.

"She's an angel, not a bitch, sorry young viewer's." Justin said and we all laughed again.

"Ready, set, go!" I grin, smiling at justin.

This time Tyler swallows it and Justin spits it out at the same time.

"Ha, you lost!" They said at the same time.

"No I didn't you jack ass, you spit it out!" Tyler laughs, pointing at jay.

"Fuck you, you swallowed it." Jay shook his head. "It said whoever swallows looses, not who spits it out bitchhh!" Jay sang and me and laury die of laughter.

"Okay, okay." Kelly says after they fight for ten minutes. "Whoever downs the whole big ass bottle of soda first wins." She said.

Jay and tyler grab their bottles.

"Ready, set, go!" Me, kelly, Vanessa, laury, and Matt say at the same time and they start gulping.

"Haha, bitchhhh!" Jay says when he finishes first and throws the bottle at Tyler's head. Tyler spits his soda on him.

We all go outside and watch as justin and Matt throw random condiments at Tyler and laugh. Eventually, we all end up fighting and getting sause on us.

Justin throws me over his shoulder and grabs the camera.

"Thanks for watching, we love you!" He yells at the camera.

"What are you doing jay!?" I yell.

"Ganna throw you in the pool." He shrugged.

"Your pool don't have water nigga!" I slap his back. He laughs, smiling at the camera and turns it off.

We all run through the gate between Justin's backyard and Matt's backyard. Everyone jumps into Matt's pool and I scream when Justin jumps in with me on his back but smile at the sound of his laugh when we resurface.

I love my friends.

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