1.Discovering the misfortune..

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*Dear diary,

As I came home today Duncan said he had some important matter to discuss with me.It's been an hour and I am sitting in my old room thinking about this "matter". I hope it's not something bad.*

...."Miss Tiffany, master Duncan wants to see you in his library" the house maid announced.

"I'll be there in five minutes. "

"Okay miss"

This Better be good.
I had nervous feeling and it had become more intense.
The house was big enough or too small to labelled as a house. It was more like a mansion.
I still remember when I first came to this house I was 12 at that time. My parents passed away in a car accident, when I was only ten. I clearly remember how the officer had tried to explain that my parents had gone to a "happy place" while I was to dazed and confused to understand. Weeks later it struck me I has lost them not in some funfair but for real and forever.

Two years later I am in this huge mansion. It's been a decade since I arrived here and I still find it difficult to find my way here
I slowly managed to open the great antique wooden doors of the library room. I didn't want it to creek but the damn antique door. As I entered Duncan came down the stairs with his cup of tea in hand. He smiled at me but something about it was said 'I am sorry.'

"Whats wrong? Did I do something?"

He laughed nervously and said

"No its not you.Just make yourself comfortable I'll just finish this file and then talk to you".He gestured towards the red file

Odd ..

I wandered around the library. This was the best part of the house. Some books over here were old and some were latest publications and I could say Duncan had a great taste in books.

I was just going through a random book on history when he called out.

"Tiffany would you please come down."


Keeping the book aside and I rushed down the stairs. And he was sitting there in his chair just looking at me. I got a little bit nervous.

I sat opposite of the coffee table waiting for him to talk and after a long pause he said "Read through this file and then we will talk"

"Okay I will"

He pushed that red file across the table towards me and gestured to read it.

Half and hour later I kept the file down on the table in confusion.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"I am sort of asking you a favor Tiffany."

"Wait me?"

"There is no suitable choice in my opinion . Serena is already with Dave and only you are left and I presume you are not involved with anybody?

I sighed "No I am not. "

We sat there is silence. I looked up and he was observing me. I tried to think a possible solution to this situation bit no. I went through the file again

"Your grandfather was smart to make this will."

"Yes he did he outsmart me in this one" Duncan sighed helplessly

"What if I don't go through with this?"

"I lose everything the company,this mansion, practically everything. This ancestral property and I have been in this family business for years."

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