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I take a deep breathe deciding if I want to do this. But there is really nothing left for me. My grades are dropping, everyone is distancing themselves from me and the person I love loves someone else.

I set a note that I had written down on the ledge and quickly climb onto the side of the bridge. About 15 minutes away from Barden there is a bridge with about a 150 ft drop into the water. I had decided that this is where I was going to do it. I was going to jump off.

But right before I do I decided to think everything over and make sure this is what I wanted to do. Because once I jump, they won't be able to save me. No one has survived a jump off this bridge.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the Barden Bellas. I think if this will affect them, but I know it won't. They will be able to get over me, and Aubrey has a girlfriend to help her, and Beca has Jesse.

Uggh, Beca.

Beca Mitchell. As soon as anyone says her name my heart speeds up and a small smile spreads across my face.

She is absolutely perfect. She has an amazing voice, the most beautiful blue eyes that you could get lost in.

I remember the first time I began to realize I had feelings for her.

I had walked into her shower because I had overheard her singing Titanium. We sang some of it and then I had left. It wasn't until I was gone that I realized I had felt something, but I pushed it away into the back of my mind.

She had been on my mind for a while and I was so excited to see her at auditions. When auditioned she didn't have a song prepared so just sang one and used a cup with it. I loved hearing her sing. Her voice is amazing.

I remember the aca-initiation night and how close I came to kissing her. Are faces where only inches away. She was so close to me, but I got nervous and pulled away. I should have kissed that night. I regret it now.

At the first Bellas practice we had, I noticed Beca wasn't getting the moves so I decided to help her. I showed her again and she still didn't get it, so I helped her out by standing behind her and guiding her arms. She kept saying she knew what she was doing and how she had this, but she didn't pull away.

After we had regional and Beca had gotten arrested for destruction of property I made all of the Bellas wait in Beca's room so that we would all be there when she returned. When she walked in and smiled asking why we waited up for her my heart just skipped a beat. She looked so pretty when she really smiled.

I knew that I had all ways felt something towards Beca. But as we had spent more time together, my feelings for her were starting to grow until I couldn't deny them anymore. I was in love with Beca Mitchell.

At first, I thought it was just a small crush and that I would be able to get over it. But it turned out to be something more. I thought about maybe telling her how I felt, but then I realized that I couldn't do that. She didn't feel the same way, and if I told her, it would definitely have ruined our friendship and she probably wouldn't want anything to have to do with me.

I loved spending time with Beca. To be honest I would much rather take a bullet through my chest than have her not talk to me anymore.

The only people who knew how I felt about Beca was Aubrey and Stacie. Aubrey was my best friend so of course, I couldn't hide it from her, and with them being a couple and Stacie always being over at Aubrey's and my apartment I couldn't keep it from her too.

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