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In my life outside of Wattpad, I write for my local newespaper. My favorite people to interview are creatives: writers, artists, musicians, and anyone who is doing something amazing and unique and making the world up as they go along, changing it for us, if even in small ways, adding to the great human experiment and library of human endeavor.

Here on Wattpad, I have encountered so many wonderful writers: men, women, older, younger. Recently I found a chat group called Ladies of Life-Aged 35+ and jumped in, ending a rather long fallow period where I was mostly lurking, reading quietly, not making waves. "Yes!" I thought. "I'm gonna discover some amazing people on here." And I was right.

These women writers are creating in many different genres, live in many different locations around the world, and are employed in many different occupations. So what do they have in common?


You don't get to be a woman of over 35 in this century without having experienced a bit of the ups and downs of life. It is my hope that in these interviews, we will discover some fabulous new writers and their stories, will learn a little bit more about their writing journey, and perhaps learn from some of the experiences they chose to share.

I hope you enjoy these interviews. If you do, leave a comment and also tag the writer I'm interviewing so they can read your comment as well. Happy reading!

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