Chapter 20

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Megan, Sinead and I ran away slowly from the herd of zombies that were attracted to us. After 30 seconds of running we saw Leighanna lying on the ground. " Leave her!" I shouted. "its not worth it!" Megan and Sinead ran towards her and tried to loft her but failed. I ran over to help, the two girls were crating her feet and I was crating her arms. "Get the hell up, you lazy selfish pig!" I shouted. everything stopped. the looked at me as if I was the only person that made sense. leighanna got up and began to run with us.

(Francesca's POV)

I stopped the lorry. I suddenly realised that I left the people that saved my life behind. (Alfie and Leighanna) although leighanna is an evil woman. I did a quick u turn in hope to find them.

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