Chapter 19

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(Leighanna's POV)

They left me, but i couldn't believe it. I was stuck in America by myself in the middle of no where whilst a zombie Apocalypse was happening. It couldn't get any worse. Could it?

(Alfie's POV)

"Ugh!" I moaned. I opened my eyes. "Grr!" Thousands of zombies surrounded the truck. The last thing i remembered was leighanna throwing something at me. Shes evil. I suddenly realised that i had to get out of the tipped truck. I looked around and the the only escape route was though the back window, there were no zombies there. I pulled my leg up and kicked the glass. It shattered. I turned my body around so i could get out head first. They were all distracted to the alarm that was at the front of the truck. I got out ran to where the other trucks were heading in hope that they would have stopped or came back to find me. "Alfie!" A high voice whispered. "Over here!" It was Megan... and Sinead. oh great her again. "Alfie I'm sorry i didn't mean to try and kill you guys it was Shane. Wait where are the other guys?" She asked. "well Leighanna tried to kill me and the res of ...." "No time!" Megan interrupted. "look over there! The alarm has stopped the zombies are coming. We need to get the hell out of here!"

(Francesca's POV)

I can't believe Alfie might be dead because that stupid girl that no body liked any way. oh well at least i still have Kian and the others. Wait there isn't many 'others' were doomed. I don;t see the point of this anyway. Kill a couple of zombies kill a couple humans. live another day. then if you don't. you die. see its pointless. Well I'm all alone in my truck, this is the perfect chance to get away. I use to get bored in french class so i studied all the the roads of USA. I can pull off down here. let me just slow down a little so they don't follow. I turned the wheel and luckily they didn't realise that I was gone.

Kill the leaders or die the next day!

What a strange sign!

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