Future Plans

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Jake's Pov

I exited one of  my dad's company and headed for my car.

Just then my phone rang I looked at the screen Dad, I answered it.
" Hey Dad, what's up? " I said. " Nothin much how did it go at the office , I told you it was a hassle. Andava  bene Papà vorrei eri lì, ma, grazie per avermi dato la possibilita."

I said honestly .

I heard him chuckle ," Well as a Govenci you need to be and learn to be a busy man, you know what I'm saying? Sei un Govenci ed  è necessario che si sa questo tipo di lavoro."

He insisted," Tha will help you get a good woman to marry."

My heart sped up at this point, there was no one that could compare to how Olive makes me feel and honestly I know it's the same for her, but you know women are so stubborn they don't want to admit to anything.

I cleaned my suit and got into the car , but not before rubbing my feet on the grass what it's an expensive car and suit.
" Son," he continued, " it's time for you to start these kinds of work.  After your time at Stanford you go straight to the family business, you'll love it. "

I took it in consideration, for now.

But there was one thing I wanted to do after college,  I wanted Oliveria to live with until she would accept the
chemistry between us and if she kept denying then I'd for
sure kidnapp her until she admits her feelings for me.

You're probably wondering or saying how would I kidnap her if i'm just a solid teenager well, let's just say that I have friends in low and high places.

I smirked remembering the kiss, oh man shewas driving me insane maybe it was her Intoxicating smell or those lips of hers and maybe it was the way she thought, talked and stood up for the right thing.

Now that was a women to him, a women I wished to have all to myself, and if anyone had a problem with they would go through me.

I hated when I'd see people talk to her so nicely,  guys, lesbians...... Arthur.

A voice interrupted me of my thoughts, "Son, you still there?" I cursed myself for wandering around my thoughts, "Yeah sorry dad , just thinking about the business and stuff ......."

He chuckled, " It's that girl isn't? "

I frowned, " I don't know what you are talking about. "

He chuckled again, " Son, I was once in love too, still am but that girl that came by the other , she was different from the rest."

I answered, " She is. But that doesn't mean that I am in love with her. " I stated in quotes.

" You mean to tell me that you don't  care about  the girl who stormed out the house, then tell me what kind of guy  goes out in the rain looking for a girl that has no reputation?

And please don't tell me it's  chivalry because you and I both know she has you out of evil plans. "

I couldn't talk to him about this, this was something I talked with my sister.

"Ok, um well dad we'll talk about this later. Ciao. "

I got into my car and sped away , I had a friend I wanted to pay a visit to.

Olive's Pov

I sat on the floor trying to figure out my future plans,  who knew booking flights could be so hard? London was a big city I did not want to get lost  in it.

My parents were out taking some fun things at the store. I kow now it was hard communicating with them you know they worked a lot and we barely spent  time together. 
I was in a tank top and sweats for comfortability.
The doorbell  rang I opened up forgeting to check my appearance.

There stood the last person I wanted to see

"Cameron, what brings you here?"

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