Do You Hear Me?

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Do You Hear Me?

"You're leaving again?" I asked Senri. Just like all the times before, he nodded and left.

* He's always been like this. Ever since we tried finding Takuma when everyone left Cross Academy. Ever since then. Ever since, a new threat appeared, and killed his mother. Even though he never visited her, she was his one and only family left, and now.. Now he's out day and night trying to find that evil that stole her life. However now, I'm beginning to think that he stole Senri's life as well. My name is Rima Toya, and I want my Senri back, because much like his mother was to him, he is to me. I love Senri, with all my heart and every fiber of my being. *

I left to our living room and laid on the couch. I yawned as I stretched my arms out above me.

*It's always so quiet when he's gone.*


"I'm back." I hear Senri call as he enters our condo.

"Any luck this time?" I ask him even though I already know the answer.

"No. I'm going to bed." Senri takes off his brown coat and walks down the small hallway to his room.

"Senri." I call out, however he keeps walking, just like every other time.

*Doesn't he hear me?

Doesn't he care about what I'm feeling?

Doesn't he care that I'm dying on the inside because he's like this?

Doesn't he want to help?

Does he?*

I walk to my bedroom and change into my night dress when I get a call on the phone.

"Ruka Souen."

Yeah, even after everyone left the school and parted ways, I still talk to Ruka, Seiren, Akatsuki, and on rare occasions Aidou too.

"Hey." I hear her voice say.

"Hey, how's everything with Lord Kaname and Lady Yuuki?" I ask about the pureblood couple out of pure respect even though I could care less about what they were doing as of now.

"Alright I guess, Lady Yuuki keeps getting on his nerves though since he works so much. She thinks he's not spending enough time with her, seeing as she is his wife. But that doesn't matter, has Shiki gotten any better?" She asks about Senri, she always does. Ever since she left with Lord Kaname, I'm her closest female friend, and she cares about me.

"Senri Shiki is a hard boy to understand. But, I'm still trying to get through to him, I'm a strong girl." I could hear Ruka's smile over the phone.

"That's always your answer, Rima. You really need to talk to him. When was the last time you had a real conversation?" I pause briefly to ponder her statement. When was the last time I talked to him for a long duration of time?

"Before his mother died."

"Five months!?"

"Yeah..." Ruka sighs as I say this.

"Rima, seriously, talk to him. Everyone is happy now. Aidou still talks to Sayori Wakaba, and they're engaged. Lord Kaname is with Lady Yuuki. I'm with Akatsuki now, and moved on. Seiren found a nice guy named Ryuu, and they've been together for a while even though she never talks about it. The only one unhappy is you now...please Rima, talk to Shiki. Do it for yourself, and for him. He probably feels so alone right now even though he's doing it to himself. So? Will you do it?"

I think for a moment. *This is going to be hard. Senri has been so morose and passive even more so than usual. First, his best friend Takuma died, and now, his mother. He needs help, and I'm the only one left here for him.*

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