Chapter 13: "Escalation"

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Chapter 13


The Old Gods


It's been said by many people since the Coming of the Rifts that "Gods and Monsters walk the Earth once more" and they're not wrong. The stories of beings from myths and legends returning to the globe date back to the first days of the Cataclysm, when the Lost Continent of Atlantis returned only to be inhabited by creatures of an eldritch nature. Since then, indisputable evidence of the Gods and Goddesses of mythology not only being real, but actively affecting the life of mortals is everywhere. From the Lesser Old Ones ruling Atlantis to the Incan Gods returning to directly rule their old realm, the truth is absolute and unassailable.


            - University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)




            "It's too soon," Loki muttered gazing into the marble basin filed with pulsating light. "The ring was to remain dormant. Now that child has brought it out of dormancy!"

            The Frost Giants within earshot ignored their king's yell of frustration. Like all members of their species they were emotionally mercurial and swift to anger. His anger was expected and normal to them. This was simply the way things were done in Jotunheim.

            But it was not normal to his guest.

            "Be calm brother," Set said.

            The Egyptian deity lounged in one of the crystal chairs sipping Dionysian liquor. A small smile ghosted the lips of his nonhuman face. Human archeologists and Egyptologists argued for centuries what animal Set's head most resembled in artistic depictions. In person, it clearly resembled a stylized fennec fox.

            "Things have gone from frozen to moving faster than expected in the blink of an eye," Loki muttered dropping into his own seat. "We went from having all the time in the Nine Realms to no time at all."

            "If the others get the ring time will be irrelevant," Set said nodding thoughtfully. "Already my sister moves to ensure she secures it before anyone else. On the positive side, Hathor remains in place and ready to move against her."

            Loki steepled his fingers beneath his chin and watched the light dancing over the rim of the seeing basin. Everything was in flux, but perhaps it was far from being a bad thing, it was in fact a great opportunity.

            "Send word to the rest," he said a dark grin on his face. "It's time we all met face to face once more. The time for hiding is over."




Red Rock

            What am I? Meg thought in shock. What have I become?

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