Chapter Three

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Jonathan didn't get his sleep-in. At three AM he was woken up by a nasty hacking.


She wasn't awake. What was this? She hadn't been sick yesterday! They were going to have a talk about hiding illnesses, for heaven's sake...

"Come on, wake up. Kitty." He tugged her upright and turned on the lamp. Too bright, much too bright... "Kitty."

He was rather surprised her parents hadn't come in, but it was probably for the best-his room was technically next door. Although he could just say she woke him up.

"Kitty." He shook her a little bit. "Come on...thank you."

She fumbled for her water bottle and he sat back to put his glasses on. Now that he could see her better, she actually looked awful.

"You're sick."


"I'm going to wake your parents..."

"M'okay." She coughed again and dropped onto the bed, still clutching the bottle. "M'okay."

"You sound awful."

"I'm sick, of course I sound awful."

"Are you sure you don't want me to wake your parents?" She nodded. "Okay. Night, Kitty."

He turned off the light, took his glasses off and made himself comfortable again. It was too early for this.

"Tell me if you're sick next time."

"I wasn't sick earlier."

"Of course not."

She sneezed and rasped something that probably wasn't very nice. Oh, well. True was true. He should know-he hid illnesses all the time in hopes of not being locked in the bedroom.

* * *

Come sunrise, he hadn't slept again. Kitty hadn't slept too much, either-she kept waking up coughing.

Unsurprisingly, her mother refused to allow her out of the bedroom.

"I don't want you getting sick like you did when you were twelve."


"March yourself back to bed right now and stay there."

To his complete and utter shock, she went. She didn't even try to argue. What was that? Was it the tone? The posture? Maybe she really was sick.

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