37 - Beat Of The Heart

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37 - Beat Of The Heart  

The day Brent died started out with my new usual morning routine. Since Brent's torture and the disaster with Kade, I had not been back to school and couldn't get myself motivated to do anything that wasn't absolutely necessary or part of his expected regimen. I was sad most of the time, spending the majority of my day in bed or under the shower.

I got up at six to make us breakfast and slipped into my bathrobe. We were going through a honeymoon phase and Brent had been exceptionally nice but that hadn't eased my tension. I was just waiting for another outburst and there was no doubt on my mind that it would happen sooner rather than later. I walked on eggshells, a total nervous wreck.

I tried to avoid any confrontation and behaved as was expected of me. The house was impeccable, the clothes washed, starched and ironed. He had started to ask for a warm breakfast and that morning, I had decided to make scrambled eggs and French toast. There was not even a spec of grease on the stove and the pots, pans and everything else in the kitchen was sparkling.

I set the table just the way he liked it, the plates dead center on colorful mats with extra polished silverware an inch away. The glasses were on coasters at the right angle and the butter and jams in its proper place on the breakfast tray.

I poured the orange juice as soon as he walked in and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Good morning, honey. That smells good."

He grinned widely, in the best of moods. He must not have noticed I was up half the night, rigid in his arms, pondering what to do next. Now even sleep was an agonizing affair during the night, I was afraid I would toss and turn or cry from a nightmare, disturbing his slumber which could result in a reprimand.

He sat down and I portioned the eggs on the plates before adding the French toast.

He watched me with glowing eyes. "You really seem to love your housework. You are putting your heart and soul into it and have been doing an excellent job."

My lips automatically tilted upwards just like they always did when he complimented me. In reality, there was nothing enjoyable about my chores.

I sprinkled some chives on top of the eggs. "Thanks. I'm very happy you noticed."

When I placed the plate in front of him, he pulled me on his lap. "I really want to reward you for being so good and not upsetting me these last few days. It is time to put this whole Kade affair behind us. How about going away for the weekend and I really spoil you?"

I snuggled against him mechanically. "That would be wonderful. I could use a break."

"Any particular place you would like to go?"

It really didn't matter to me. "Maybe New York. I've always wanted to go to a Broadway show."

His face lit up. "Yes, that's a great idea. I will check on some tickets later."

He devoured his eggs, shooting more praises my way. I only picked at my food, not really hungry.

"Are you OK?" he asked concerned. "You are a little pale and not eating."

"Oh, I feel a little queasy." That wasn't even a lie. "Maybe something I ate last night. I'm sure I will feel better in no time."

He stroked the back of my hand and I had to force myself not to pull away. "I hope so. I don't like seeing you like this."

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