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"You sure you already have everything packed?" I asked Justin once again as we got in to the car, Shay slid on to the backseat while I'm on the passenger seat next to Justin who was on the driver seat. Justin looked at me before nodding.

"Yeah babe, I checked them this morning before you woke up." Justin answered while taking my smaller hand in his before driving off. I leaned back on to the seat and looked back to see Shay was texting someone.

"Who are you texting to?" I asked her curiously.

"Andrew." she answered, my eyes widened before she dropped her phone on to her lap and groaned. "God he's a jerk. He would text me so many times when he needed me and then neglect me the next minute." she groaned. I chuckled and shook my head at her.

"You deserved that though." Justin blurted out making Shay to smack him on his head. Justin yelped and gave her a warning look making him to receive another smack on his head but this time coming from me.

"Focus on the road, Justin." I warned him, he looked at me before shaking his head.

"Damn, alright you mad woman." He murmured childishly. Shay snickered behind followed by a ringtone from her phone. "Just an advice Shay, if he's a jerk then don't talk to him. I mean are you really that desperate for a guy?" Justin said while his eyes still focused on the road ahead of him. I nodded agreeing with him. I mean look at Shay, she's gorgeous and every guys would want to be with her.

"Yeah, the same way you used to be so desperate for pussies." Shay shrugged as if it was nothing. God this girl should really watch her mouth sometimes. But hey she's funny as hell.

A growl came out of Justin's mouth, his jaw clenched and he squeezed my hand assuming that I was mad. The truth is it was funny.

"I'm trying to be nice to you Shay." Justin gritted.

"Okay Bieber, I was joking." Shay rolled her eyes. I squeezed Justin's hand and gave him a reassuring look telling him that it was okay. He stayed silent for the whole ride, the only conversation heard was Shay and I talking. After another 30 minutes we finally arrived at the airport.

Justin got out of the car then sprinted to my side, opening my door and helping me out of the car since it was difficult to with a 6 months baby bump. I've been feeling really sore in my back and feet whenever I walk to much and I find it hard to find a comfortable position at night.

After Justin pulled out all his belongings, he threw the car keys at Shay and warned her to drive safely.

"You better be careful, I swear if I see a micro scratch on my wife's skin your head's mine Shay, I mean it." Justin threatened. Shay scoffed before looking away.

"Just go already, I can't wait to have fun with your wife." Shay faked a smile at him. Justin glared her before turning his attention at me and gave me a small smile.

"I'll see you in two weeks?" Justin asked and placed his soft, pink lips on top of mine and his hands were rubbing my baby bump which gave him three small kicks. Justin smiled then bent down in front of my bump and placed a kiss against it, I smiled and placed a hand on his head. "Be good for mommy, okay?" He said and caressed my bump before standing up.

"I'm gonna miss you." I whispered after pulling him in for a hug.

"I'm gonna miss you too and our baby." he smiled. He leaned in for another kiss, he gave me another gently kiss before stepping back for boarding pass. "I'll see you later babe!" Justin waved his hand at me. I smiled and waved back at him. Once he was out of the sight, I sighed and turned around to face Shay.


"Yeah and when he opened the door he was just like 'aw look at these cute puppies' and they're actually really adorable." I told the girls about Toby and Esther. Robert was home taking care of them right now.

"Aw! I've always wanted to have a puppy!" Kylie frowned.

"Too bad you live with your mom." Shay smirked. Kylie glared at her and smack her shoulder real hard. "Ow! What the fuck?!"

"You should shut up." Kylie warned her. Shay and I just laughed and I shook my head at the two. We continued talking until we decided to continue shopping. The mall wasn't too crowded today which was good because I find it hard to walk in the middle of a crowd of people with a big baby bump.

I ended up buying two pair of shoes for myself and another one for Justin and I also bought a new case for my phone and a couple of clothing pieces for both Justin and I. Justin was too lazy to go shopping on his own so I had to buy him clothes so he won't run out of them.

His mother used to go shopping for him but I have decided to do it since yeah I'm his wife and he's my responsibility and I'm pretty sure Pattie won't mind that.

"Stella, your phone's ringing." Shay told me. I nodded before pulling my pure gold iPhone 6S out of my bag and answered the phone before looking at the caller ID.

"It's $2,970." The clerk informed.

"Hello?" I answered the phone while handing her my credit card.

"Stella?" I heard a familiar voice called, I furrowed my eyebrow still eyeing the clerk doing shit with my credit card.

"Who's this?" I asked whoever was on the phone. The clerk placed a piece of paper and a pen in front of me. I held the phone between my ear and shoulder trying hard not to drop my phone.

"It's Carter." he answered while I was signing the paper. I gave it back to the clerk and pulled the phone away from my ear and hung up the phone without another word.

"Thank you for shopping, come around again next time. Have a good day." The clerk smiled while handing me my stuffs. I gave her a friendly smile before walking away with Kylie and Shay.

"Who was calling you?" Shay asked me.


"Ew that psycho?!" She made a disgusted face which made Kylie laughed at her. I told her about everything the other day and she called him a psycho.

"Yeah, he really is a psycho. What the hell is he doing calling you. I don't get it." Kylie said.

"I don't even wanna know, that's why I hung up on him without listening to another bullshit coming out of his mouth." I told them while walking in the a victoria's secret store. "How's Logan at work?" I asked Kylie while standing beside Shay who was looking for an underwear.

"He's fine." She answered. Ever since Justin found out I was pregnant, he didn't let me to go to work anymore because he doesn't want the same thing happen to me and our baby again. Understanding perfectly, I obeyed him and stayed home everyday.


I sighed as I stepped in to the empty and quiet house with a heavy heart. This is the first time Justin left me for a business trip and hell it's hard.

As I placed my foot on the first stair, I heard small barking coming from the end of hallway followed by cute tiny footsteps. I smiled before rushing up to see Toby and Esther were running full speed towards me.

After petting them for a minute or so I made my way to the bedroom with Esther following while Toby ran away.

"I guess it's just us now." I smiled at Esther who was now laying on the carpeted floor.

After changing in to something comfortable which was Justin oversized college sweater and a panties I peeked my head out of the door to call Toby.

"Toby!" I called out and not too long after that Toby came with a stuffed animal. He cutely walked inside before stood by the bed. I picked the two puppies up before making myself comfortable on the bed as well.


a/n: THIS WILL BE THE LAST HAPPY CHAPTER. not really but you'll find out what will happen in the next chapter

Ooooo I'm so excited.

Anyway you guys can now request a cover on my new 'book covers' book with the pink cover!

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