Chapter 17.

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Art by me😋💪❤️

Third person pov
(This is a quick bad written one cause my head hurts like shArts 😿💪)

"Did YOU like it?"


Venti gave a long pause. Not knowing what to respond to a type of question like that. "Uhh..."

"Sooo?"Hu tao gave an eyebrow at him. Waiting for the damn response.

"I-I mean Kinda..I once made my move and- kissed hi-"

"You WHAT?!"Hu Tao slammed her hand onto the table,and screech,interrupting Venti to even speak. She screeched so loud that the workers nearly flinch and gave weird looks at the both of them. But mostly at Hu Tao.

"Shhh! Your too loud-!"Venti whispered and signal her to quiet down her voice. "W-What do you mean?! How did you made a move to kiss him?!?" She asked. She wanted to know so badly.

"I-I just asked for a.... a quick one only"Venti muttered at the last words. He covered his face to hide his blushing red face and held a number 1 at her.

"Oooh! And how long did that 'quick kiss' lasted hmmm?"She chewed onto her spicy chicken and swallowed down in her throat.

Venti knew it wasn't actually a 'quick' kiss. "Uhh like 4 seconds."He lied and started sweating.

"Dang I thought y'all will start to make out and-"

"DON'T SAY THAT!!"He said,slamming his own head against the table and groaned. "Haha sorry sorry-!"Hu Tao quickly apologized to him.

"Let's just finish our food. Are you gonna come visit us tomorrow?"Venti switched up the convo and looked up at her and asked. "No.. ugh I'm literally gonna be saur busy"Hu Tao gave a fake face pout.

"Huh- sucks."

After a few moments later they were finally done and they both exited out of the food place. Venti thanked her for the treat and asked if he could pay her.

"Pay? Hah! No no! You can keep that so you could save up for stuffs you need Ight?"She said,pushing Venti hand away that was full of money in it.

"What are you sure? Okay then"He stuffed the money in his pocket. "Thanks again Hu tao! I'll se you next time?"

"Yup! Make sure you babysit my little baby cousin alright!"she yelled as she walked the opposite direction and waved at him.

Venti waved back then turned around and headed to his direction.

As he walked on the sidewalks he completely forgot he had some lame homework to do,so he started to stress out a bit on his way to the dorm. His plan was just to shower then rest on the bed. But nope. Ofc Homework gotta come right up on your mind and ruin your relaxing moments.

As he arrived he dropped his bag then quickly fell to the ground . He was Completely dazed and tired already from walking and all.

He started to instead snoozed his way and decided to just sleep on the ground. How smart.

Xiao got interrupted with the loud sound effect coming outside of his room,so he went to check. But oh- he poked his head from his room just to see Venti dead flat onto the ground.

"Tch.. knew he'll be tired on his way."He clicked his tongue. He walked his way over to the lying dead body on the ground and carried him up like a bridal style.

He once again took him and gently placed him down onto his bed. He quickly stepped back since he didn't wanted to get his arm pulled by what happened last time.

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