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Valentine's Day.

I've never actually celebrated a day like this with anyone other than my family and my friends.

Every year my dad had made it his business to do something for me and my mother, so I kind of grew up with this expectation that this day was really for the men in our lives to shower us with gifts.

That's before I realized it's a day of love, where you show another person, no matter who they are that you love them and appreciate them.

Once I realized that was the case, I never in my life thought that I would ever get that.

But then Vinnie came into my life and I sort of had this thought that maybe this could be something to look forward to, and I did.

And then the breakup came, very unexpectedly might I add.

I hadn't even thought about this day so much in my fucking life, it's crazy. Like what happened to me just ignoring the day as if it never was a thing? I did last year and it was so easy. Now this year all I can think about is wanting to be in love, doing this with someone you love...


"Okay I think it's time to go around the table and tell someone one thing you love about them." Charli smiled, snapping me out of my thoughts.

We were at our little galentines day brunch, Me, Charli, Nessa, Mila, Dixie, Riley, and Avani.

They chose this cute little spot that was up in the hills somewhere, very bougie and cute. I, out of all the girls, chose an appropriate outfit for this weather up here, while they all wore light jackets. I had layered up, wearing a white turtle neck, a red supreme jacket and some cute little red pants that had cherrys on them.

I wanted to go along with the theme of wearing reds and pinks for the day, something we all aimed to do.


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cleodoram happy love day. give someone a kiss for me😘
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"Okay I'll go first! Cleo, I love how from the moment I met you, you've been nothing but transparent, honest and open with all of us. I also never got to tell you this, but I love the fact that you have a podcast that's basically a safe space for not only just us as influencers but for your supporters. Teenagers need that safe space where they're able to talk to whoever, or even just listen to another talk about their experiences... it can help someone a lot." Dixie tells me.

In that moment I don't really know how to respond. I never really thought much about my podcast being an outlet for other influencers if I was being honest.

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