What? <Hiro>

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I shakily walk into the café. I gulp down, or try to, any fears that my brain might have come up with.

"H-hey Aunt Cass!" I smiled and walked over to her. "Where is Hiro?" my voice shook.

"He's in his bed room." she looked toward me. I smiled fakely and walked up the stairs.

"H-Hiro. . I-I need to talk to you. . " I said loudly as you walked up the stairs. I walked into his room and seen him fixing Megabot."Hiro. Your 20 years old. Don't go bot-fighting." I said as I ripped Megabot free from Hiros hands.

"Hey!" he jumped up onto his feet, trying to take his bot back.

"Hiro stop. I need to tell you something important. . "

"Ok. What is it?"

"H- . . I. . . A. . W. . ." I stammered clearly nervous. I swiftly took out the pregnancy test and shoved it into his hands. I chewed on my lip in nervousness as he looked down, reading it was positive.

"Y. . . "

" I'm pregnant Hiro. . . " I gulped."With Tadashis baby."


"I'm joking! It's obviously yours!" I shouted, surprised Hiro thought I actually did it with his brother.

Hiro smiled happily. "I'm gonna by a dad. ." his smile faded. "Oh my god. . I'm gonna by a dad. ." his face suddenly showed panic.

"Hiro. . Sweetie. . Cal-" I got innterupted by Hiro running down the stairs.


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