Chapter 14: The Final Chapter

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A month later...

'No___. I'm not having another slice. I feel like a pig!'

'What do you mean?' Louise exclaimed. 'You are as skinny as a rake Savannah! All this studying has given you anorexic tendencies.'

Savannah laughed. 'Stop exaggerating.'

'I can't believe you just quit your perfect job, to enrol in a Financial Management course at college!' Jodie exclaimed. 'Don't you miss your job?'

'I miss the terrific pay check,' Savannah smiled,  ... and seeing Ross's gorgeous body and sex with him.... even though it was just once.

'Don't you miss all the overseas travel, and working with Mr. Templeton?' Louise spoke with a mouthful of pizza.

'I miss seeing all you guys on a daily basis,' she deflected.

'Maybe when you get your diploma, Mr. Templeton will hire you as Jodie's boss,' Louise winked.

'Hardly,' Savannah laughed, lifting her drink to her lips. Firstly Ross did not need a Financial Manager, he had an extremely competent one and secondly, she'd quit her job to keep as far away as possible from Ross. There was no way she was going back to suffer his close proximity ever again.

'I don't understand why you could not do both simultaneously,' Louise queried. 'You could work in the day and study at night. You're intelligent, committed, focused and hard working,' Louise rattled on.

''For exactly those reasons,' she sighed. Can't they understand___ I can't go back to Ross's company? 'I want to do well in my exams.' It's better this way,' Savannah justified. 'Luckily I have a sizable eggnest to keep me going for the next six months, then I'll get another job.'

'You're brave Savannah,' Jodie tapped her friend on the shoulder. 'I wish I could be bold like you and so focused.'

It's stupidity that got me to where I am now!

There was a knock on her door. Savannah looked at her friends in surprise. She was not expecting anybody. Both girls shrugged. Neither had asked their boyfriends to collect them from Savannah's place. 'Give me a minute,' Savannah stood up and walked to the door.


Savannah was flabbergasted to see him after a month. What surprised her more was the whiff of alcohol so strong on him, she blurted, 'you're drunk!'

'I love you Savannah.'

Savannah screamed as Ross wobbled and promptly fell at her feet. She thought belatedly to catch him but her reflexes were in shock, besides he was too big and heavy for her to hold onto in any event.

'Savannah what's wrong?' Jodie and Louise came running to the door.

'Good heavens! It's Mr. Templeton,' Jodie exclaimed.

'What the hell is he doing here?' Louise questioned and he reeks of alcohol.'

They stared at Savannah in confusion. She stared at the fallen figure in utter disbelief. All that rung in her head in constant replay was the three words he had uttered, along with her name. Could it be true? She could not in all honesty believe the words of a drunk man. Her heart sank. He would probably not even remember saying it in the morning.

'Savannah?' Jodie called her for the second time.

'What?' Savannah answered more harshly than she meant to.

'What is Mr. Templeton doing here?'

'I don't know,' she murmured, her face heating up. He had not told her specifically why he'd knocked on her door, then again could she pay any heed to a drunk man's ramblings?

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