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Sherlock joined the chatroom

Watson joined the chatroom 

Sherlock- Hello John, you said you wanted to talk to me?

Watson- Yes, where are you?

Sherlock- I am just trying to work out Magnussen.... What is it John?

Watson- So yes....

Sherlock- Yes what?

Watson- Yes you do have a girlfriend?

Sherlock- Yes, I thought it was fairly obvious, I am going out with Janine... 

Watson- Planning to start a family....?

Sherlock- That is so tedious John! Why would you ask me that. Just because you've settled down and starting a family... And no, I do not. It's absurd. 

Watson- Right... But what about- 

Sherlock left the chatroom

Watson- Never mind. 

Watson has left the chatroom


Sorry that was short, and what do you think it would be like for Sherlock to be a father?

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