Challenges #1

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This is my first time writing, I'm just going to add wedgie challenges here

Some of them might have additional so, do them if you want.

Firstly you will put clips on ur nipples, Shove 3 ice cubes in ur ass, then get into a hanging wedgie and bounce until it rips or the ice cube melts. After it rips or the ice melts, Still wearing your clips you will get 5 ass spanks, 5 pussy spanks and 5 breast spanks with a belt for all of them.

Drink 2 bottles of water, get into a bra connection wedgie for an hour, after that get out of the wedgie, drink 2 bottles of water and press on ur bladder for 5 mins, put clips in ur nipples and clit, get into a shoulder wedgie and do 10 jumping jacks then drink another bottle of water and do whatever you want but in the shoulder wedgie. Tug on the front of the wedgie from time to time. During the process, you will not pee (additional: be naked) After 4 hours you may take out the clips, wedgie, and pee.
Punishment if you peed before the challenge is over:
Pull on ur nipples for 2 mins and then pull on ur clit for a min. Then get into a wedgie and spank your pussy 20 times with a hairbrush. After that take the wedgie out, put a piece of ginger in your ass until the burning sensation lasts.

I took inspo from @mistress_jules 's story "Challenges For You Kinky Females"!

Thank you for reading
If you want you can describe how it felt in the comments ^^

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