Chapter 10 What the future holds

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I gasped softly as he said “ Lex I know this is a long time coming, I have and always will love you, you had my heart from the first day in high school. Being a stupid man I freaked and hurt you along the way when I felt trapped, but now I have come to realize you are the only woman I want to spend my life with. I swear to you and promise with my whole being and soul I love you more each day, fall in love more each day with you, will you do me the honor and become my wife?” I looked up from his eyes, anyone who meant anything to me was now standing behind him, Sam, his parents, Dean and I turned back to Nolan whispering “ Yes Nolan I will.” Nolan placed a beautiful antique ring on my left finger kissing me deeply then said “ God peanut you have made me the happiest man, this ring was my grandmothers passed down to me and I want you to know just how much you mean to me, I love you Alexia.”

Nolan helped me up and wrapped me in his arms as I felt so sure that life couldn't get any better right now, Dean clapped his shoulder saying “ Damn time, next week I was going to ask Alexia so feel lucky Captain.” We all laughed and Dean hugged me whispering “ He will treat you right Lex, I'm sure he has finally owned up to his emotions.” I chuckled answering “ Thanks Dean for being here.” Nolan shook his dad's hand while his dad said “ Proud of you boy, took you damn too long to see what you had all the time.” We all laughed as Nolan cringed and then he shook Sam and Deans hand. Peggy hugged me telling us both that the cost of the wedding was on them, that her and I would go dress shopping together as Tom chuckled and hugged me. Tom gently looked into my eyes saying with fatherly pride “ Now I have a daughter to spoil that we have always cherished and loved.” making me blush as I smiled up to him. Sam hugged me last saying “ Happy for you Alexia, it's about time you get your happily ever after.” I chuckled with him and then Nolan picked up the basket and held his hand out for me to take, I smiled taking his hand and we all headed for the parking lot. Jett running along by us while Nolan was tossing a stick for him then I got in Nolan's car after Jett, and said our good byes to our friends and his parents each one saying they'd see us tonight for the engagement dinner around eight.

Nolan drove to my place and we both walked in then let out a deep sigh and laughed as we looked at each other before he had me against him taking my lips and body to new heights of happiness with all his love and passion. We both decided that since we had a few hours before needing to dress for tonight's big dinner, we would spend the time just basking in the love that was rolling off us. Nolan lifted me off my feet as I laughed and he walked up the stairs to my room where he set the alarm so when we both fell asleep we would get up on time to change then we each played and explored each other fully, making love for the next few hours, both being completely devoured by our passion and lust for the other ones body. I set my head on his chest as we laid naked under the covers, Nolan running his fingers through my hair while he said “ I'm sorry I hurt you back then Lex and it will never happen again.” when I kissed his chest he groaned as I said “ I know Nolan and I will make sure you always remember never to bolt again.” He chuckled kissing the top of my head before we dozed off for a short nap full sated from lovemaking.

I got up before Nolan woke and went to shower, then as I was drying my hair Nolan walked in the bathroom and I smiled kissing his chest as he turned on the shower. Nolan groaned “ Oh please make me miss this dinner by doing that one more time, I will keep you in bed all night, devouring you instead of normal food.” I laughed shaking my head no as I swayed past him out the door answering “ Now handsome your parents will kill us both if we miss this dinner tonight.” I put on my new red cocktail dress an silver heels, added silver earrings then softly misted perfume over me. Nolan came out with a towel hugging his hips and he groaned seeing me as I licked my lips eyeing him when he said “ Fuck Lex, go out to the kitchen or something, your driving me nuts here and I can't think with the right head.” I laughed kissing his lips quickly, grabbed my silver clutch putting my things in it and walked out of the bedroom as he growled deep. I placed my white shawl wrap over the couch then let Jett outside because tonight he would stay home,and walked into the kitchen filling his water and food. Nolan came down in a expensive Giorgio tan fine pin striped suit and I smiled taking him all in while he smirked saying “ Keep it up sexy, you know I can't keep my hands off you.” I blushed turning away and he chuckled letting Jett back in the house the said we needed to go. His parents, Tom and Peg loved fine dining so Nolan pointed his car towards Brentwood because they made reservations for eight pm for all of us at Vincenti's Restaurant, the best elegant Italian around Los Angeles.

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