13 & Pregnant {15}

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I walked towards the laundry room and found it empty, I followed the trail of blood and ofcourse it just had to lead to the basement. O come on. Is this some cliche horror movie.  After thinking it through I walked away from the basement door towards the kitchen. I sent Ryan a quick text telling him to call the police.

I walked over to the basement door again and walked in. I turned on the lights and walked down the steps slowly. I walked to the centre of the little room and to my surprise there was no trail of blood and again no Matt. Before I could turn back some grabbed my arm and hit it with a hammer, I screamed in pain and turned around to see Matts blood shot eyes.

"Dont think you could get away so easily" he said as he clutched his stab wound.

He dragged me over to a chair and tied me to it and blind folded me. He started spilling something on the floor and I instantly knew it was petrol. He came towards me and hit me behind the head with the petrol container.I swear I saw stars. I was about to pass out but I tried to stay awake.

"Bye bitch" Matt said and I heard him scratch matches and then he walked up the stairs and closed the door.

I knew the room was on fair when it started to get hot and I started smelling smoke.

I struggled to get out of the bonds and managed to get my feet free. I struggled to get arms out and within 2 minutes  I got out. I got up and untied the bandana. The sight infront of me freaked me out so much that I freaked and fell over a bucket behind me. Half part of the room was on fire. I turned around and found the basement window. I found a hammer and broke the window and climbed out. I stumbled all the way to the front of the house and I noticed my nose was bleeding. 

"You just wouldn't die would you" Matt said from behind me and I started to run towards Ryans house shouting.

I banged on the door but no one answered and Matt was just 10 steps away.I just closed my eyes and prayed someone came.

8 steps...

6 steps...

4 steps...





I opened one eye to see Matt on the floor with 2 bullet wounds to the chest and one to the head and he was definitely dead.

Ryan pulled me up and brought me into a hug. I looked behind him to see a revolver on the floor but I didnt care, that revolver just saved my life. I turned back and looked at my house. I watched it burn down with my dead mothee inside and I broke down in Rynas arms.

His all I got.

"Mrs.West was a good woman and she always -" Some lady was standing opposite my mums coffin and saying a few words but I just drowned it out. She gone forever and aint no few words gonna bring her back.

I stared at her coffin with my auntys hand wrapped around my shoulder, I wish I could just shrug it off but that will be rude. My mums being buried next to my brother which just made this funeral more emotional for me. As they started to lower the coffin I left and started to walk home evem though its so far away but I need to clear my mind.

"Brook" I heard someone say from beside me. I turned to the side to see a familiar Range Rover.

"Come on hop in" He said with a serious expression and I hopped into the passenger seat.

Since my mum died, her sister has to take me in but the problem is, she lives all the way in London. So basically I'll have to leave all my friends behind and most importantly my babies dad.

I watched the trees as they zoomed by and we passed Ryans house, which is where im staying in the mean time, we passed the local park and then my school and then I knew, somethings up.

"Ryan where are we going?" I asked him and he turned to me with a genuine smile.

"No ones taking you away from me, so were going out of town for awhile" He said as he tried between the road and me.

"Ryan we have no money or clothes" I said to him but the idea seemed okay in my 13 year old mind.

"Brook don't worry I have alot of money and we'll buy clothes" He said and he gave me yet another smile.

"Where are we going to stay and where are we going" I asked again getting concerned.

"Were gonna stay with my cousin Marco in L.A, now please go to back and get some sleep" He said and grabbed my hand.

"Okay, love you" I said and kissed his cheek and went to the backseat.

"Love you more babe"


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