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Leo had been brought, well dragged actually to the queen's throne room, the guards threw Leo on the floor. She stood there with her long silver cloak, all the writing was making Leo's brain hurt as though the language was something he should remember but he just didn't.

She turned around and Leo saw her blood red lips only, her pale skin was as pale as snow, Leo had never seen her hair before however as it must have been in the hood of the cloak but now Leo saw that she had long beautiful wavy black hair. Leo scowled however at the woman ruining his life.

" Leo, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, I hear you've been causing trouble. Can't you just wait another three days until it's time?" She asked squatting down near Leo so she was eye level with him. Well at least Leo thought she must be eye level if he knew what was under that hood. But somehow he knew that whatever was under her hood it was something truly terrible.

" What do you mean? What happens in three days?" Asked Leo.

Her lips curved upward in a smile, an innocent smile but her voice as terrible as it was had an evil tone to it.

" Your destruction, no not death, there is so much worse than death, I haven't taken your gems yet because I want so much more than just that," she said standing up again.

" What more could you want from us?"

She smiled, " I suppose you'll just have to wait and see what happens in three days."

Leo scowled and would have gotten up if the guards hadn't put handcuffs on him.

Suddenly Leo was pulled up and then tossed into a room that was near the throne room, he stumbled on the hard floor, it felt smooth but incredibly hard and weird. He looked up and saw millions of torture devices and he didn't even know what any of these things were.

Leo hoped that someone would come and help him, but then again hope was a terrible thing, would things ever get better? Would they ever stop the queens plans in three days? All those thoughts wandered through Leo's mind as the door opened and the wolf came in with a knife in his hand.

He closed the door and smiled, " Let's get started."


Aquarius looked at herself in the mirror, she turned to the side not sure whether to be pulling it up or tugging it down, reasons why she didn't wear dresses, she felt insecure.

The dress was a long light purple dress with see through ruffles as sleeves in an off shoulder style. The dress had loads of layers and it was something that didn't suit Aquarius.

" Ready?" Asked Angelita, she wore a dress so beautiful that Aquarius truly was mesmerized. It was gold and blue. The style was unique and amazing but Aquarius found herself scowling at the princess.

" Then come on slow poke," said the Angelita. Aquarius rolled her eyes and followed Angelita who led her down the halls with a few guards on each side of her.

Angelita stopped at two huge double doors as big as the ones in the room where the others were.

" Now Aquarius you must behave and try not to run away," said Angelita with her psychotic grin, she then pushed open the doors and Aquarius heard beautiful music. Sounded like the song recess by Melanie Martinez was playing. Everyone wore beautiful ball gowns. The entire room was lit up in blue, purple and gold. The decorations were gold and blue and surprisingly all the guests were human.

Everyone stopped and gasped at the beautiful princess and worst of all the lady in the silver cloak stood at the center of the room with a smile on her face. As they announced Angelita (she had an incredibly long name) I asked her a question.

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