Bicycle - Horror Smackdown - Round 1

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The skinny pale teenager dressed in his good jeans and a button up shirt stood on the footpath holding onto his bicycle, as he stared in disbelief at the two-story house in front of him.

“Sanchez lives here?” Almori muttered to himself. The house looked abandoned and as though no one lived there.

 Almori took his phone out of his zipper bag and checked the address Sanchez had texted him. It was correct. He looked up and down the street at the other houses, which all seemed to be in good condition and the people all seemed like working class citizens.

He lifted the bike over the broken fence and then opened the gate to walk through; Almori looked up at the attic window and caught sight of the curtain moving, he swore he saw someone looking down at him, but the curtain closed so fast Almori could not be sure if it was merely his imagination.

 The yard was a mess; broken branches, bottles, rubbish, and bicycles were carelessly strewn about the property. He seemed so clean and tidy at class. There were a few tall trees in the front yard that looked as though they were somehow sad and neglected. 

 Almori decided to call Sanchez; the place was starting to give him the creeps a little. A feral cat ran passed him causing him to cringe as it had a rat hanging from its mouth. The cat was not even bothered by his presence as it ran straight out a hole in the fence.

“Sanchez?” Almori asked, as the phone answered.

“Hey man you here?” Sanchez asked.

“Yeah, I think I’m in your front yard,” Almori said, trying not to offend his newfound friend. 

“Ah, yeah…dude, sorry about the mess. Come in the front door is unlocked.” 

“Okay. See you soon,” Almori said, hanging up the phone.

The creative writing student walked up the concrete stairs to the arch shaped doorway. Almori gripped the doorknob and pushed the wooden door open to be greeted by a warmly lit hallway. Shivers went down his spine as slow footsteps creaked down a set of stairs in another room he could not see. He was certain it was from the right of the other end of the hallway. He decided to stay put. The footsteps grew louder and closer, and his heart felt as though it was about to explode as sweat dripped off his pale forehead.

Almori breathed a sigh of relief as Sanchez appeared out of the doorway on the right of the hallway. He was holding a tray with two drinks and sandwiches on it; the reason for the slow careful steps was now obvious.

“Hey man,” Sanchez said, struggling with the tray.

“Hey Sanchez,” Almori said, his voice a little shaky from the nervousness he felt before.

“Made us a feed. That is rule number one before going out – eat before drinking. You definitely don’t want to get drunk on an empty stomach, trust me,” Sanchez said, as he nodded for Almori to follow him to the room from where he just came.

 Almori nodded and made a mental note to always eat before drinking. He had never gone out before; after all he was new to the town and had managed to stay friendless for almost a year until he met Sanchez in a creative writing class.

 There were only four people in the writing class and the other three had formed a group already; leaving Almori alone – that is until Sanchez walked in one day with pieces of loose paper and no pen. Almori offered him a pen and the two began talking. Sanchez saw how shy Almori was and convinced him to come out partying for the night so he could make more friends in the new town he was in.

Almori jumped at the chance to head out. It had been a year since he went anywhere; his father worked away and his mother was always working odd hours at the hospital so he was all alone most of the time. His days of seclusion were over now that he had a real friend.

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