MGIAGF: You'll Die

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Chapter 6

The sound of grilling meat filled their ears as the fox happily stared at the food. Man, she missed meat so much.

Jack, on the other hand was still confused on how the heck she heard his name and even his school? He knows that she's pretty far from where the payphone was located. So how did she hear it?

"Wow.. you have such incredible hearing." He said, flipping a meat to other side as she intently looked at those yummy meat.

"Because I'm a golden fox. And you can't tell anyone, or else, you'll die." She threatened, her gaze still on the meat. Ugh. She wants to eat now, but she knows it's not human-like.

He was quite taken aback from that as he nodded. "Okay, then let's make a deal, then? I won't say you're a golden fox and you will not say that I'm the one who scribbled on the painting. Deal?" He asked, offering his hand for a shake as he smirked.

She just looked at him for a second before shifting her gaze back to the meat that are already done. "Okay. Ah! The meat is already cooked!" She happily said as she took a fork and began to gobble up all the meat.

He just sighed and rolled his eyes. He hopes that after this, she'll get lost. Wait, what about her parents?

"Hey. Where are your parents?" He asked, looking at her. As of now, there are only 3 pieces of meat left on the grill.

What the-? He put 20 of them and now it's only 3? Tsk. This lady sure was greedy.

She looked at him. "I don't have that."
He looked back at her with a 'really' look. "You don't have any parents or relatives?" He asked. Seriously? That's impossible.

She nodded her head. "It's because I'm a golden fox." She simply stated as she took some meat to grill.

He just shook his head. This girl is unbelievable. "Ugh. If you're a golden fox, why are you trying to cook meat?!'' He asked frustratedly.

"Because it's not human-like if I didn't cook meat. I.. want to be a human." She said, looking at him.

He just looked at her in bewilderment. What the heck is wrong with this person?

"Ugh. Whatever. Hey, I just need to go to bathroom, okay?" He lied, standing up.

"Okay." She said as she eats another beef.

He walked towards the bathroom but he quickly turned away and left the restaurant. There's no way he would come back to her. She's a crazy person! It's enough that he fed her.

He decided he'll go back to his uncle, hoping he's not angry at him.


After she's done eating, she went to the bathroom to find Jack. Poor girl, she didn't even know he left.

She still has one meat in her hands as she continued to eat it as she walked towards the bathroom.

"The lady said this is where the bathroom is. But I can't find Jack." She said, looking at the cubicles.

She raised a brow. "Why is there a chair in every room?" She wondered as she opened an empty cubicle.

She was shocked as she looked at the white toilet. "Wow. It's not a chair, it's a well!" She said as she bent in front of the toilet.

"Ah. It's so pretty and white!" She said, amazed by the toilet. She sniffs to see if the water is clean, well it's not. "Even though, it's a beautiful well, the water is not clean." She said, a little disappointed.

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