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Hunter- He is 23 and a male model.

He has to always be in shape.

 It's a dog eat dog world out there.

 He has women always trying to get his attention, but they aren't what he wants.

See Hunter has always had a thing for women with curves.

 He gets laughed at for the women he dates, but that's just what he wants.

Who are they to say it's wrong?

CeeCee- She is a chef in a very nice restaurant that her family owns.

 Cooking is her passion.

She is dating a very famous male model Hunter, but no one knows it.

He is too ashamed to be seen with her.

 He claims he loves the way she looks, but she knows he is lying.

Can he prove to her she is indeed what he wants before it's too late?

I mean is she to think when all he wants to do is hide her away?

Her family doesn't even know.

He said he does this to protect her.

Is that the real reason why?

Or is he just ashamed of what people would say.

He gets paid to look good.

Women through themselves at him everywhere he goes.

Does Hunter just want his cake and eat it too?

Should CeeCee give up, and just walk away?

Maybe true love doesn't exist after all.

Hunter better tell the world about his girl, and stop hiding her away before it's to late...

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