Chapter 17

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"What'd he say?"

Adeel looks at me blankly while I nervously chew on my nails. His father's response is very critical since it will decide what my dad's response will be.

I've finally decided to move to Lodon.

God, evertime I even think of it, I get goosebumps. How long have I been dying to go overseas? How long have I dreamed to live in a place like that? It just seems so surreal.

"Well?!" I ask again impatiently.

Adeel sighs before flopping down next to me on my bed. It was about 6 in the morning; the house as quiet as a graveyard at night. No one woke up but me and Adeel. We couldn't sleep after having a little chat with his father last night. It didn't go as smoothly as I thought it would but it was better than a bad reaction.

"Dad?" Adeel calls out hesitantly while I struggle to stay behind the door. Adeel peeks in through the door in his dad's room while keeping the rest of his body out. I hug the wall next to Adeel so his father won't catch me eavesdropping. My parents went out for grocery shopping and Sara and Abbas with his family went out, so there was no way I'd be getting caught. I hope.

"Come in," Uncle Wahid's stern voice of an ex-militant invites in Adeel. I slap Adeel's back just to annoy him as he enters the room while I stay outside. I hear his short in take of breath while he shoots me the middle finger behind his back as he enters. I ball my fist in my mouth to keep from laughing too hard. It's just too irresistable to not annoy him. It's going to be a fun life. 

Adeel makes sure to leave the door a little open so I'll be able to hear his conversation. It's about to get real interesting knowing that desi parents have a common talent; embarassing their child no matter what, whether they know it or not. 

Even though I never really heard it, I could imagine Adeel gulp nervously. I've always noticed that whenever he needed to talk about something important, he would always gulp and look down at the floor, not making eye-contact. 

"Can we talk?"

"Isn't that what you're hear for?" I could just imagine his dad raising his eyebrows tauntingly. 

"Right... It's about Mahum."

"Ah, your soon-to-be-wife, eh?" The pleasant tone in his voice made my cheeks flush. What? Marriage is a soft topic for me. 

Adeel chuckles nervously. What a wuss. "Yeah," gulp, "It's just that..."

Impatiently, his dad asks, "Spit it out. I don't have all day." Lies. He does.

"Sorry. Mahum was wondering..." Adeel begins while I try to control myself from walking in and slap his pretty face. I thought we had agreed to make it seem like it was his idea! 


"Well, she wasn't wondering, it was really my idea. I mean I know how she always wanted to live somewhere else and I just thought that this would be a good idea to suggest. Besides you're the one who told me to keep her happy and I thought that this is a the right thing to do-"

"Stop babbling and tell me what's going on!" I giggle at Uncle Wahid's exasperated voice. 

"Mahum... And me... We would like to live in London after the wedding."

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