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    Regan Hamilton was wary of hot days in La Push.

   In all her life, only bad things happened on hot days on the reservation. Some instances of this theory included when her father had announced to Regan and her sister that he had met a woman in New York and had fallen in love with her. It had been ninety-six degrees out. The next instance was when her sister told Regan and their mother that she wanted to go live with their dad and step-mother. It had been eighty-nine then. Then there was the whopping hundred degree day, when she had fallen off the bluffs trying to go cliff diving and almost drowned. If it hadn't been for Blake Cooper, one of the marine life scientists from Forks, she would have died.

   So, when Regan looked at the thermometer that hung outside the window in the front yard of her house, she wasn't excited for the day's events.

   Especially since she was supposed to hang out with Leah today.

   Leah Clearwater had been Regan Hamilton's best friend since birth. It was only natural. Sue Clearwater and Tammin Hamilton had been best friends through high school and college. Sue had been nineteen when she had Leah, and Regan's own mother had been twenty. Leah and Regan had grown up together, had gotten through the rough years by each other's side. They were the closest thing to being sisters without actually having the same blood run through their bodies.

   Leah wanted to hang out because her boyfriend of two years, Sam Uley, who had proposed three months prior, was "becoming distant." Those were Leah's words anyway. Regan was sure it was a bit hyperbolic, since Sam always seemed just a bit distant in Regans opinion, and Leah leaned more towards the side of overdramatic in the scale of reacting. As Regan pulled on her clothes for the day, she did wonder if the weather outside was an omen. Like maybe Leah wasn't being overdramatic at all. But again, Regan had always recognized Sam in a crowd as the one who looked highly uncomfortable being around people. He was better with groups of two or three. Hell, he had even been weird sometimes when Regan was around. She supposed he just liked to be around Leah and his mother and not many else.

   It wasn't that she didn't like Sam. He was nice enough, and he seemed to really like Leah, which was really all a best friend could ask for. However, according to Leah, the Clearwater girl felt as if that was changing. As if Sam suddenly didn't like her as much as he had. "Was he getting cold feet?" "Did he not want to marry her anymore?" These were all questions Leah had cried to Regan the night prior, when she had called Regan in a panic at three in the morning, asking if they could hang out and talk the next day.

   That was how Regan found herself driving in her small red buggie to the shore of the beach. Regan saw the ocean before she saw Leah. The waves crashed against the sand in a rhythmic pattern, the white foam dissolving once it hit the sand, burning from the unusual heat of the sun. Regan smiled. The beach was one of her favorite places in the world. It was where she and her mother had gone for their weekly picnics when she was younger. It was where she and Leah had thrown muddy sand at one another. Surely nothing bad could happen here. Surely this whole thing with Sam didn't matter here, in a place as beautiful as La Push. It just wasn't possible. Not today, not the next day.

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