Dirty Harry Styles Imagine- Sex Slave

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Harry Imagine

I walk around the school clenching onto my books. I scan the halls one more time for the evil Harry Styles. I bet your wondering who Mr Harry Styles is.

Well Harry Styles is the biggest dickhead at my school. He is constantly calling me names, hitting my books out of my arms, throwing things at me, pushing me into lockers. Things like that. But our school principle is an idiot and put our lockers next to each other.

I got to my locker with no Harry in site. Thankfully.

Suddenly I feel someone's hot breathe against my neck

"Well hello there (Y/N)" Harry whispers to me. I turn around and look at him with fear in my eyes

"Uh hi Harry" he scans me up and down "please don't hurt me" I plead

"follow me, but stay a couple feet behind" I nod my head "if you don't you'll regret it" he threatens.

He starts walking away. I count to ten then close my locker and begin to follow him. Suddenly I notice him go into the cleaners room. I walk up to the door and check to see if anyone was watching. Opening the door I begin to shake. After closing the door I turn around to see Harry starring at me with an evil smirk

"Please don't hurt me" I beg

"You've been saying that a lot lately" I begin to shake more "so I have come up with a deal" I nod my head

"Mhmm. What is it Harry?" I ask

"Well lately my hormones have been going crazy and I need some help" I start to freak out a little "are you a virgin?" I shake my head remembering back when me and my best guy friend were having a sleep over and decided to just give it ago

"No" he nods his head

"Good, good" he mumbles "well your going to be doing something for me" I nod "if you do this 'thing' for me I will stop bullying you, but you can't tell a soul about our arrangement" I nod again

"What is it?" I ask

"Your going to be my sex slave" he blurts out. I stand there in stock.

"Your what?!" I ask in shock

"My sex slave. You will do sexual favors for me and in return I will stop bullying you. Deal?"

"Um okay Harry. As long as you promise to leave me alone I will do anything you want" I say a little more confident but still shitting it inside

"Well, I'm super horny right now so we start now and the bullying will stop straight away" I nod my head once again. He leans over me and locks the door "now you must be very quite, but I want you to moan in my ear, tell me how good I am. Understand?" I nod in agreement

"Okay Harry. I understand" he nods pleased with himself

"Okay well take your clothes off" I nod and do so. He looks at my body up and down "now I want you to sit on the ground and spread your legs so I can see that pussy of yours" I do so. "Now touch your sweet pussy, rub your clit and get yourself all wet for me" I start rubbing my clit for him. I close my eyes and tilt my head back and let out a small moan. I open my eyes again only to see Harry naked and jacking off "ugh I can't handle this" he says then he dives his face into my pussy

"Stand up" he muffles into my pussy. I do as he told me. Now I'm standing up with my legs apart a bit and Harry is on in knees with his face in my pussy.

Little moans start to escape my lips

"I'm close" I muffle out through a moan

"Whenever your ready" he says on my pussy. Just the vibrations of him talking on my pussy send me over the edge causing me to cum all over his face which he gladly cleans off.

He stand up and starts making out with me

"How long ago was the last time you had sex?" He asks against my lips

"4 or 5 months ago" I reply which makes him just nod his head

"Well this is going to hurt, not as much as your first time but it will be painful" even though he is blackmailing me with sex he is still being quite sweet "so your going to have to suck it up" opp and there it goes down the drain "I will give you time but not long so just get over it" I nod my head and he places himself at my entrance. His lips attach to mine as he starts going in. Mainly to stop me from screaming.

Inch by inch he goes in slowly. Finally he is all the way in and he just sits there waiting for me. It doesn't take too long and I just nod my head and he takes off causing me to gasp in surprise

"Shit" he curses. My response is simply just a moan.

He begins to pick up speed making it feel 100x betters

"Fuck yes" I moan out.

"Tell me how good I am" he demands

"Oh your soooo good Harry. It feels amazing to have you pounding my little tight wet pussy with your massive cock" I moan in his ear

"Shit baby I'm close" he groans out

"M-me too" I shutter back

"On three" he says "one. Two. THREE!!" We both climax together causing an amazing bliss to run through my body.

After he brings us down from our highs he pulls himself out and starts to get dressed. As I'm getting dressed he passes me his phone

"Put your number in" I nod and start doing so

"Now whenever I call or message you we will do this again. Remember, no one will ever know and you will never be bullied again. Understood?" He mentions to me

"Mhmm. I understand Harry. This is just between me and you" I reply

"Now I'm going to leave and you must wait here for 5 10 minutes after then leave" I nod and with that he leaves

"I love you Harry.." I whisper to myself.

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