Dirty Liam Payne Imagine- Time to relax

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Dirty Liam imagine

I walk in the door from a very stressful time babysitting. My mum always makes me babysit the little ones. Even though I'm 19 now I still have to go to her house all the time to babysit.

Well now I'm finally back and my house I share with my boyfriend of a year and a bit, Liam Payne. We met on xFactor in 2011 when he came back for a porforamce and I was on the show at the time. My singing career is good but because I didn't win, I came 4th, I'm not signed at this moment but Liam, being the amazing person he is, is trying to get his boss to sign me as well. So for now I just babysit. Liam pays all the bills which annoys the shit out of me. I don't want him to be doing everything for me. But he does anyway. Speaking of which, I wonder where he has got to.

I just shake it off and head upstairs. I start taking off my clothes for the day.

I feel two hands slip around me

"Care for a hand?"

"Baby not today. I'm way to tired" I plead

"Okay love. But what about if I just please you. No sex just let me please you" I think about it "you've had a very stressful day. It would do you good" I give in and nod my head.

He picks me up and heads over to the bed. Because I've already stripped down to my bra and panties he can start doing his work straight away.

He slips his fingers in the top of my panty line then slowly pulls them down. After he does so he spreads my legs and starts blowing on my cl!t which just makes me wetter and wetter by the second.

"Someone's very wet" Liam says in his deep husky accent. I bite my lip in anticipation.

Slowly he makes him way closer to me.

He blows on my cl!t one last time before he begins to suck all over my cl!t making me go crazy.

I start grinding on him face and moaning so loud.

He gets two of his long fingers and slides them up my p*ssy whilst still sucking on my cl!t.

He slides his two fingers inside me, thrusting them in and out slowly at first making me grunt, he starts picking up the paise. My moans become louder and louder.

His fingers inside me whilst he sucks on my cl!t is a magical feeling.

"Ugh baby I'm close" I moan out to him. And with that he takes his fingers out and replaces them with his hot wet tongue. My moans get even louder until I release all over his tongue. As I do so my phone starts buzzing.

I answer the phone while Liam is still cleaning up my juices

"Hey mum" I answer.

"I think you left your wallet here darling"

"Oh okay. Ill come pick it up now" I accidentally let out a small moan as Liam is still cleaning me up

"Sweetheart are you okay"

"Mhmm just fine" I reply trying not to moan again.

"Okay ill see you in a sec. Love you"

"Love you too Ma" and with that she hangs up.

I look down at Liam who has a evil smirk plastered across his face

"My mum almost caught us!" I say sitting up and hitting him

"Your a big girl now. Your mum can handle knowing that I fuck the life out of you" he whispers seductively in my ear whilst leaning over me.

I shake my head

"Baby I have to go back to Ma's now" I say and he looks sad from hearing this "another night I promise" his smile comes back on his face

"Okay" he says with lots of excitement

"I'll be back in an hour of so" I say whilst getting dressed. He nods his head "oh and thank you for that. It really did help me not be so stressed out"

"I told ya so" I roll my eyes

"Yeah yeah I know" I say leaning in to kiss him. I peck him on the lips "I love you Liam"

"I love you too sweetheart"

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